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Men-U Hair Styling Products Review

I was recently asked to review a few hair styling products from Men-U, a company who offer a revolutionary line of high performance grooming products – their range covers everything you need to look your best – they offer hair and body cleaning products, shaving and moisturising products and a hair styling range.

I opted for the ‘clay’ and ‘create and shape’ products…

Men-U Hair Styling Products Review

My initial thinking was “how can it be revolutionary?” The answer lies in the efficiency – the makers claim that a little of the product goes a long way, so you don’t need huge pots, bottles and tubes of the product – it comes in small packages but you needn’t use a lot each time. That’s handy – I’m a guy who travels a fair bit with my Active Retreat fitness holidays business, so I don’t want my wash bag to be filled with huge product tubs.

When it comes to hair styling products, I have particular requirements. Basically, I have lots of fine blond hair, so when it comes to volume it needs all the help it can get. The products I use have to be supportive, but not heavy – if I use heavy products such as wax or Brylcreem, it leaves my hair looking flat and greasy so I avoid them.

When I was offered a chance to look at the range, I opted for the above because they were most like the products I already use – that way I could ensure the men-u hair styling products review was fair as it was a direct comparison.

What I’m looking for in a hair product is that it holds firm, but with a natural, textured look and not the razor-straight lines you can get with some gels. I don’t want my hair to be rigid and stiff like you get with a firm hold gel or spray.

If it smells nice, that’s a bonus…

Men-U Hair Product Review

The products are fantastic – the clay especially smells great, has a natural hold and is easy to apply. It washes out effortlessly as well. The same can be said about the create and shape, although it doesn’t quite smell as good. That’s not to say it doesn’t smell nice – it does, but I just love the smell of the clay! Even my kids commented on it!

The spray gel is good, but it doesn’t particularly suit how I’d style my hair – I use a more ‘misty’ spray gel that leaves a fine film of the product over my hair. With the men-u spray gel it’s a very ‘direct’ product, so doesn’t cover the hair in a fine mist. It’s a good product, but probably better for someone with particular areas they want to style.

I’ve tested the products out for over a week now and really like them – they stay in place even when I’m training hard and I can’t give them higher praise than that – if they’ll keep my sweaty head looking decent then they must be good!

Men-U Product Shopping

You can pick up the men-u products at their shop by clicking this link – they have a huge range so I’m sure you’ll find something for you and your needs!

The clay and create and shape I reviewed cost £14.95 for 100ml. The spray gel comes in at £15.95.

They’re high quality products and you certainly won’t go wrong with them.

For reviews of other products on the site, click here.

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