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Addsfit Massage Gun Review

Welcome to my Addsfit massage gun review. Here’s my thoughts on the product having tested it for over a week, with multiple daily uses…

If you’re involved or interested in fitness, you’ll have no doubt seen the wave of massage guns that have been advertised over the last few years. As a personal trainer, my social media has been awash with them for a while. I’ve seen professional athletes from all kinds of sport using them, as well as social media influencers. The idea is that they are used for soft tissue massage, but with the added convenience that you can do it to yourself – you don’t have to book in with a therapist, saving you time and money.

When I was asked to review the Addsfit massage gun, I was really keen. I’ve upped my training a lot recently, to the point that I’m doing some form of daily exercise. More exercise means you have to put more effort into your recovery and this seemed like an ideal solution. I could use it pre and post workout to help stimulate recovery and prevent injury.

How the Addsfit massage gun works

The massage gun has a percussive mechanism built within it, and a fastening on the end where you can connect a series of attachments. The attachments are all different shapes and sizes, with different uses for each. There are smaller ‘bullet’ shaped attachments for trigger point work, flatter attachments for warm ups and attachments I use for the neck, either side of the spinal bones.

What’s in the box?

It’s a genuinely good package – in the carry case there’s the gun, its charger, the five attachments and a hard carry case to store them in. It’s well made and good quality, so there’s little expense spared. There’s also an instruction booklet and a card to register your device to activate your guarantee, which is reassuring.

Addsfit Massage Gun
Addsfit Massage Gun

Thoughts on the Addsfit massage gun

It’s a really well-made bit of kit. It’s reassuringly heavy, the components are good quality and the grip is well made. The on/off button is rubberised and the massage power controls are responsive. The power of the gun is excellent, to the point where on the highest setting it’s really quite a powerful massage and if you’ve got a particularly tight trigger point, you might want to back off the intensity a bit!

The attachments are tight fitting, they’re well made from a good quality silicone and given the job they have I can’t see how they’d not last for a long, long time.

From a massage point of view, it’s really effective. I’ve suffered from neck and calf tightness recently and it has really helped both of those issues. It has proven effective at post-exercise recovery, pre exercise warm up and relieving muscle tension and freeing up tight muscles, allowing more movement. Whilst I’m not suggesting it’s a replacement for a proper warm up and stretching routine, it’s an effective additional tool.

Usage and settings

The Addsfit massage gun has 9 different power settings for different level of massage. They’re indicated by a light system on the back of the massage gun – the number of lights on denotes the power level of the gun…

Addsfit Massage Gun

I typically use it to warm up the areas I feel are tight before a workout. I also use it to help relieve muscle tension post workout, helping to get some life back into my muscles!

It’s also an excellent relaxing massage tool when used on the lower settings. If you’ve had a tough day at the office, get your partner to use it on your back and neck with the flatter attachments and it’s really relaxing – a perfect way to chill out and unwind your muscles.

Don’t be put off by the social media

When I was asked to do the Addsfit massage gun review, I checked out their instagram and if I’m being honest, I was a bit put off at first. They’ve got a genuinely good product here and they’ve chosen to market it with the tits and ass brigade, which drives me up the wall. There’s no need to cheapen what’s a well-built, effective and useful tool for people who train. I’d prefer the social media angle to be on the features, the quality and what it actually does!

If you’re looking for a high quality massage gun, I’d urge you to ignore their social media and pick one up based on a recommendation from a blog like this one.

Addsfit massage gun final thoughts…

It’s a really good product and one I’d recommend to anyone who is pushing their body hard. As I said earlier, I don’t think it’d be right for me to say it’d ever replace proper warming up and stretching, but it’s a really helpful hand for tired muscles.

It’s excellent for trigger point work, relaxing muscles, improving blood flow to an area and enhancing mobility. It’s far more appealing than a foam roller, that’s for sure!

The Addsfit massage gun is well made, great quality, very useful and would be at home in the gym back of anyone doing some serious training. It’s certainly a daily part of my training and recovery ritual now, and the rest of my family like using it too!

Pick up your Addsfit Massage Gun here.

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2 thoughts on “Addsfit Massage Gun Review”

  1. I recently bought one of these, absolutly love it! it’s relieved so much of my thigh pain after running… Great review

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