The Ultimate HIIT Workout

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The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book is compilation of incredibly effective and scientifically proven workouts, designed to burn fat and build muscle in the shortest possible time.

This system is the same as methods used by professional athletes to enhance athletic performance without compromising physique. If you want to drop fat quickly without losing your
muscle mass, the methods in The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book are for you.

These workouts show you how you can maximise your training results in minimum time, with many of the workouts lasting less than 30 minutes. They also use 1-3 items of kit, so are ideal in a busy gym or at home where equipment is limited.

There are 52 tried and tested workouts designed to deliver maximum results with minimum fuss.

In the book you’ll learn…

  • How limited kit workouts can torch fat
  • That more training time does not equal better results
  • How to structure a fat loss workout
  • The key principles to losing fat whilst maintaining muscle mass
  • Exercise approaches to accelerate fat loss
  • Why shorter workouts are often more effective at improving stamina
  • How to manipulate different training variables to
  • increase workout intensity
  • What to do when you’ve reached your target weight,
  • so you don’t pile the weight back on

Plus much, much more.

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

is condensed into 39 pages, with each page containing one or more incredibly effective workouts. The workouts are scaled to be effective whether you’re a beginner or a regular gym goer. Achieve levels of fitness you previously thought were impossible…

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