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Hoyles online personal trainer programme

I’ll cut to the chase…

My name is Steve Hoyles. I’ve been a personal trainer for nearly two decades, helping thousands of people get fitter, lose weight and build some muscle.

I’ve written this fitness blog since 2012.

I’ve offered online fitness training since 2017.

My online fitness training programme gives you access to knowledge gained over nearly 20 years of study and 14 years of professional personal training. The methods used in the programme have been tried and tested for years.

There’s no fluff in the programme. If I can’t justify the inclusion of an exercise or think there’s a better alternative, it goes.

What is left is a programme that delivers incredible fitness and physique improvements in less time than you could ever believe.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but in fitness, quality is far more important than quantity. These workouts are all written and designed by me. I do use them with in-person clients. I use them myself.

If I didn’t believe in them, I wouldn’t put my name to them and plaster my face all over it!


The ABC Programme Online Fitness Programme


My online fitness training programme is called the ABC Programme.

Why ABC? Simple…





The Online Personal Training Programme

It’s designed in such a way that across a given week, you’ll cover all elements of your fitness.

We don’t focus on strength for a time, then cardio, then power etc, all of these elements are mixed within a given week. True fitness is a hybrid of abilities, not excelling in one.


I want to help you become leaner, fitter, more powerful and stronger.

The workouts are scaled, meaning you can start the programme regardless of your level of fitness.

I built the programme to adhere to my version of fitness.

My Version of Fitness

I believe in an all-round version of fitness. I don’t want to be strong as an ox but unable to play with my kids because I have no stamina, nor do I want to be able to run a marathon but lack the strength to give my kids a shoulder ride.

I’m not a bodybuilder. I have no plans to be one. I do, however, want to be muscular and lean. I want to be able to play football with my kids, lift impressive weights in the gym and recover in such a way that I feel good.

There’s a caveat though – I want to look and feel great without spending hours and hours in the gym.

I don’t want my training to make me feel like I’ve had the crap kicked out of me every day either. I can live with some muscle stiffness after workouts, but I don’t want to feel like I’m being battered by my workouts for days afterwards.

I want to be able to eat out in restaurants without fear that my progress will disappear. I want to eat the kinds of foods that make me look and feel good without having to resort to rabbit food.

I don’t want to exist in a permanently hungry state, wondering whether or not I’m ‘allowed’ to have a beer or a dessert.

Am I guessing you don’t either?

If you follow the ABC programme, I’ll coach you to a fitter, leaner, stronger body that you’ll be happy to have out on the beach.

You’ll be an example to your kids, whilst still having the time and energy to play with them.

Your partner will be proud of you-you won’t be like the ‘other’ Dads in the playground at pick up and drop off.

The dad bod will be something other people have, not you!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My fitness journey started early. I studied for my degree in Sports Science in 2001. Upon leaving my university in 2004, I started working in the fitness industry and haven’t left since.

As a personal trainer, I’ve learnt most people get their programming totally and utterly wrong. They spend years chasing a level of fitness they never reach, filling poorly designed training programmes with the wrong execution of exercises.

The result is they never really change shape or make any progress in the gym. – I want to help you change that.

Thanks to my years in the field, I understand training. I know how fitness works and where the shortcuts lie. I know these things because it’s my job, my profession and also my interest.

I’ve taken years of study and application and turned it into an easy to follow and incredibly effective programme.

The ABC programme redefines fitness. It challenges you and changes you. It’ll alter your thinking on fitness and nutrition.

Join the programme and I’ll show you exactly how you can be stronger than you thought, more powerful than you thought, leaner than you thought in less time than you thought.

Don’t let another year pass you by – Take control and get the body you want, now!

The 7 Days for £1 Trial Offer

I understand that sometimes in this online world, things can appear too good to be true. With that in mind and so I can gain your trust, I offer a 7 day trial for £1.
It’s no obligation – if you sign up, decide you don’t like it then you can cancel your subscription without any penalty.

You’ll have access to the first week’s programming, plus the usual access to me.

Does the ABC Programme Work?


I’ve transferred the methods I use with my personal training clients to my online platform. These workouts are super effective and when combined with the guidance of a personal trainer, your fitness and physique improvements will be dramatic!

Take a look at these real-life testimonials of my methods…

What Do You Get With ABC Programme Membership?

Apart from it being a fully-inclusive programme, meaning you get nutrition support and video, phone and email access to me, you’ll also have your programmes delivered to an app.

The app means you can take all of your training programmes with you into the gym, recording the results and keeping me up to date with your progress as it happens.

Here’s a snapshot of the main membership benefits included with the ABC Programme…

  • Professionally-designed workouts designed to make you stronger, more muscular and leaner.
  • Full written explanations of exercises, plus videos to help you learn the form.
  • Regular phone and video contact to keep you accountable.
  • Complimentary eBooks of Fitness and Nutrition.
  • Diet and Nutrition coaching to help you maximise weight loss results.
  • Full access to me (Steve) for coaching, advice and questions answered.
  • All programmes on an app, personalised to you!

I’m Keen! What Do I Do Next?

The first step is to get in touch with me, Steve. You can do that via email ( or by phone (07866361964).

I like to chat with my members – it’s important to me that even though the relationship is online, it’s not impersonal. I want you to understand how I help you can answer any questions you may have.

If you’d rather just jump straight in, you can sign-up below…

I can’t wait to help you achieve a whole new level of health and fitness!