MyGym Stockport, Stockport gym, gym in Stockport, MyGym Hazel Grove

MyGym – The Gym I Own

As well as a personal trainer, I’m also a gym owner. It’s called MyGym, and it’s based in Hazel Grove, Stockport. That’s the base from which I do all of my personal training and 1 on 1 work.

MyGym isn’t any ordinary gym. It has been meticulously planned from the ground up. Whatever your fitness goals, it’s the place to help you achieve them.

Every single item of equipment has been hand-picked. It’s not just a gym, it’s a place where all aspects of fitness can be worked on and developed. You walk into MyGym and you don’t just see a standard facility, with row upon row of cardio machines.

You see what happens when a personal trainer and weightlifting coach has the ability to build a gym…

Stockport gym, gym in Stockport, MyGym

MyGym is a unique thing in the fitness industry – it’s a strength and conditioning facility that actually does what it says on the tin.

Many gyms claim to be strength and conditioning based, but they don’t offer appropriate facilities. When you come to MyGym you can use an array of barbells (olympic, shorty, strongman log, trap bar, safety squat bar, EZ bar, tricep bar, Swiss bar), you can swing both competition and standard kettlebells, and use hex or round dumbbells.

MyGym has tyres, prowlers drag sleds, wall balls, slam balls, treadmills, rowers, stairclimbers, ski ergs, air bikes and the like.

We don’t exercise at MyGym, we train.

Stockport gym, gym in Stockport, MyGym

Apart from the best in class equipment and expert coaching, makes MyGym so popular is the pricing structure.

Our fees range from £23.99 per month up to £30 per month, depending on your membership level. You won’t find better value strength and conditioning facilities in Stockport. We’re an open gym, so you can come down whenever you like. No need to book, no need to join classes.

Come down, lift, go home.

If you’d like to join MyGym, visit our joining page here.