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Men-U Shower Gel Review

I’ve been a big fan of the men-u products I’ve used in the past, so when I got the chance to do a Men-U shower gel review I jumped at it. If it was as good as the hair styling range it’d be great!

As a bloke who trains 3-5 days per week, plays football 1-2 times, has a weekly (or more if I can find the time) sauna, I spend a disproportionate amount of time in the shower every week. Pretty good grounds for road testing a shower gel I suppose.

I’m not a shower gel snob, but I’ve learned over the years that of you buy the really cheap stuff it usually smells grim and can leave your skin dryer than a desert in the summer.

Men-U Shower Gel Review

The Men-U approach is to ultra-concentrate their products, so a little goes a long way. The claim is that you only need to use a small amount, so the bottle/pot lasts a lot longer than other brands. You pay a little more for it, but it lasts you a while is the thinking…

Men-U Shower Gel Review

I was given a 500ml bottle of the black pepper and bergamot shower gel. I’ll be honest – I don’t have a clue what bergamot is, but I can tell you that this shower gel smells great. It’s clean and fresh, without being overpowering. One pump of the bottle gives me more than enough shower gel for a full wash (I use one of those plastic poof things – I think that helps make shower gel go further).

It’s a pretty big bottle, so may not be ideal for a small gym bag, but it’s perfect for use at home. I love the smell and have been using it daily for a month and there’s still at least 2/3 of the bottle left, so it’ll certainly last a while!

You can pick it up for £26.85 by clicking here. They also sell re-fills to keep you stocked up when your products run out.

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