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Pull Up Mate Review

This Pull Up Mate review couldn’t come at a better time, could it? Just as lockdown 2 (the sequel) is about to kick off, expect gym equipment to sell out everywhere. The Pull Up Mate could be the answer to your home exercise prayers!

What is the Pull Up Mate?

Essentially it’s a portable pull up and dip station. It comes in its own handy carry bag (a really good quality one too!) and is held in place by simple pin structures. The whole thing can be put up in a couple of minutes and taken apart in even less. The instructions are very simple yet perfectly clear. I honestly think a child could put up the Pull Up Mate.

It’s really light weight and easy to carry, but despite this is strong and sturdy – maximum user weight on the information is 120kg and I would believe that. I weigh 97kg and it coped with my weight with absolute ease!

The Pull Up Mate has different grip options and can be adjusted for height. Rather than bombard you with lots of images, I’ll just give you a flavour of what I have done with the Pull Up Mate in my own training…

Pull Up Mate review
Pull Up Mate review
Pull Up Mate review

Pull Up Mate Build Quality

A lot of home gym equipment is to be frank, crap. It’s flimsy, made with cheap steel and just doesn’t last. In this case though there’s a feeling that it can put up with a bit of a beating – I own a gym (the one where these pictures are taken) and I’ve been impressed enough with the Pull Up Mate that I’ve left it in the gym for members to use.

If you take anything from this Pull Up Mate review, it should be that I have it in my gym for my personal trainers, personal training clients and my gym members to use it. If it was a piece of crap I’d never have it in the gym!

If I had one small complaint it’s that there’s a slight wobbly-table leg feel to it – all 4 points of contact with the floor aren’t perfectly flush, so it can wobble a little. It’s easily rectified by weighing it down though, so a couple of weight plates have solved the problem for me.

Would I Recommend Pull Up Mate?

Absolutely – one of the biggest criticisms I have with home workouts (of which we’ve all done a lot of this year) is that back training is really hard at home. It’s hard to add in a legit pull movement at home without a pull up bar or a suspension trainer, so this is the perfect solution.

It’s adjustable, multi-function (can be used for pull ups, inverted rows, dips, push ups, core work etc), easy to build, easy to store and at just over £100, is a bargain for the variety and quality of work you can do with it. In a world of really crappy home gym equipment, this is one of the few things that stands out as good quality!

Where to buy a Pull Up Mate…

You can pick up a Pull Up Mate at their website. The one I tested for the Pull Up Mate review is the standard ‘Pull Up Mate’ and it costs £109.95. It’s excellent value for money and can be used for almost your entire training and simply as additional work outside of the gym.

Give gyms are locked down for 4 weeks from today, now’s the time to grab yours before they all sell you and you miss out on this grip home workout option.

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