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MyProtein Products Review – Brownies, Whipped Duo and Vitamins…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing some pretty in-depth stuffing my face with sampling a couple of new products from MyProtein. In particular, the Double Dough Brownie and the Whipped Duo bars.

Before I go any further, I’ll start by saying historically I haven’t been a fan of protein products.

I think I’m scarred from the bad old days, where in the early 2000’s protein bars were made of artificially sweetened cardboard, dipped in crappy chocolate. I’m serious – you’d build a decent house out of them they were that tough! They were awful.

Companies have tried to re-invent protein products for years and to be honest, most have failed. Flavourings aren’t quite right, or perhaps the sweeteners were too overpowering, making them taste artificial.

As a fitness blogger, it feels like I’ve tried every protein product under the sun. I’ve been sent protein powder, protein bars, protein pancake mix, protein bread and even protein water. The common denominator was that they were all a bit crap.

Until these.

It was with some scepticism that I tried the MyProtein Double Dough Brownies and the Whipped Duo bars. I tried them hoping that the protein products had improved and I was genuinely impressed. They both tasted great – chocolatey in flavour without the punch-in-the-face sweeter taste.

MyProtein Double Dough Brownie
MyProtein Whipped Duo

MyProtein Brownie Bar Review

The MyProtein brownies are nice and chunky, so you feel that you’re getting a proper sweet treat. Despite that, they are only 245 calories per 60g bar and contain 14g of protein. It might not suit the absolute physique competitor macro-counters, but for what counts as a genuine indulgence, that’s really not a bad return! Tastes way better than most of the other healthy treats on the market as well.

There’s really clear layers to the brownies – you’ve got a proper chocolate coating, with a brownie layer and a cookie base. These add up to make the brownies feel like you’re actually getting a real, full-blown unhealthy chocolate experience!

I had the Chunky Chocolate flavour, which were really good. I like the sound of the cookies and cream ones too!

Pro tip – bang them in the microwave for around 10 seconds and they go a little bit soft. Don’t go too long though because they’ll melt.

MyProtein Brownies

MyProtein Whipped Duo Review

The MyProtein Whipped Duo are an another great offering. They’re soft and gooey, have a nice chocolate flavour and a texture that’s a million miles away from the protein bars of old. They are big enough to be a proper snack, but small enough to not absolutely destroy your diet!

Nutritionally they are sound too. Each snack comes in at less than 200 calories, so perhaps a bit better than brownies for those really watching every calorie. There’s 11g grams of protein in each serving as well, so they can help to get you a touch closer to your protein target every day.

The smooth texture, the chocolate coating and the size of the snacks add up to make the MyProtein Whipped Duo a really nice treat. I had a box of the chocolate fudge flavour and can really recommend them. At 56g they’re around the same size (or slightly bigger) than most chocolate bars, but much better for you!

MyProtein Whipped Duo bars

MyProtein Vitamins

MyProtein A-Z Multivitamin
MyProtein Vitamin D3

I take multivitamins all year round, but also living in the north of England I make sure that I take a vitamin D supplement in the winter too. In my opinion multivitamins are the ideal nutritional insurance. They plug any gaps left by my diet and they top up anything that may be slightly lacking. It’s not just about the vitamins for me either – I take them largely for the minerals, which is something a lot of people forget about.

Vitamin D has taken on more importance than usual for many of this year thanks to research showing that it is helpful when it comes to protecting us against COVID, plus a whole bunch of other conditions and issues. In the winter, with our reduced exposure to sunlight, I think it’s always a good idea to top up your Vitamin D levels with supplements. I take the liquid Vitamin D3 capsules, because I read a research paper a while back saying the Vitamin D3 in liquid form is better.

These are the multivitamins and Vitamin D I’m taking…

A-Z Multivitamin Vitamin D

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

3 thoughts on “MyProtein Products Review – Brownies, Whipped Duo and Vitamins…”

  1. Buyer beware! My Protein’s unflavored EAAs are a tastebud nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone. From the first sip, it’s a nauseating concoction of regret and chemical warfare. Two attempts at customer service (complete with picture proof) were met with deafening silence. Save yourself the stomach churn and avoid this product and brand entirely. There are better options out there that care about both taste and service.

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