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Wicked Gummy Co Review

I was approached recently to sample some ‘Peaceful Zzzzz Gummy’ sweets by the Wicked Gummy Co. As a bloke who constantly talks about sleep and the need for us all to prioritise it, it felt like the kind of product I should be sampling.

What’s in the Wicked Gummy Co Peaceful Zzzz’s?

I’ve used CBD oil to benefit sleep really effectively. This time the spin was a little different – they’re a vegan friendly sweet containing a mixture of Valerian Root Extract, Passiflora Extract, L-Theanine and 5-HTP to promote a gentle and restful sleep.

I opted for the passion fruit flavour gummies and I’ve got to tell you – they taste AMAZING!

Seriously, I’d eat these things as sweets if I could. They’re certainly not a health food (they contain sugar etc), but that’s a price I’m willing to pay for something this tasty! As a side note, they are GMO free, registered vegan, gluten free etc. They make contain sugar, but they certainly aren’t full of crap!

wicked gummy co

The dosage is to take two an hour before bed, which I have been doing for the summer. I certainly have been an effective sleeper during this time, which is helpful when I’m up early morning for personal training sessions!

The information on the wicked gummy co tub claims to help sleep and ease anxiety. I don’t suffer from anxiety particularly, so I can’t claim it helps on that front, but both my partner and I have noticed a particularly good sleep since we’ve been taking the gummies.

Of course good sleep helps with a whole other range of health markers, so it underpins a general good feeling. If taking the gummies from the Wicked Gummy Co helps you to sleep well, it can in turn help you to feel well.

Where to find the Wicked Gummy Co products

A 60 capsule tub of the wicked gummy co lasts for 30 nights and costs £23.99. It’s available from their online shop, so take a look at the product range – there’s a lot to choose from there!

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