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Ultimate Performance Chalk Review

I was recently asked to review Ultimate Performance chalk for weight lifting and climbing. I’m a chairman of a weight lifting club, train in weight lifting 4-5 times per week and have been through more bags of white powder than any rock star on the planet. The point is, I’m well-qualified to review weightlifting chalk of both the liquid and the powder variety!

Why Use Chalk?

There’s a lot of misconception as to why we use chalk in weightlifting. The basic reason is this – it helps to dry out sweat so allows us to keep a good grip on the barbell. Sweaty hands don’t grip very well, do using chalk enables a weight lifter to hold on to a bar tightly even when they’re sweating a lot.

There are two main types – liquid chalk and powder chalk. Both do the same job, but a lot of lifters use liquid chalk because it’s far less messy and it’s easier to carry. Plus, the likelihood of a chalk bottle bursting is much lower than a plastic chalk bag splitting.

In this article, I’m going to review both types of Ultimate Performance Chalk and give you my road-tested opinion on them…

Ultimate Performance Chalk

Ultimate Performance Liquid Chalk Review

I’ll start off with the liquid chalk review. It comes in a 200ml bottle and is squeezed out from the cap (some liquid chalks can be poured out, which is a mess waiting to happen). A quick rub of the hands to even out the distribution and away you go.

The coverage is very even and the product takes only a few seconds to dry. When it does dry, you’re left with a light later across your hands and it doesn’t really rub off onto clothing like ordinary chalk would.

Ultimate Performance Chalk

My grip was strong, my hands remained dry and sweat-free throughout the session was only re-applied once in the whole (hour long and very intense) training session. Even then it was re-applied for psychological rather than required reasons!

Afterwards it easily washed off, left no residue, smell or trace of it being on my skin.

Ultimate Performance Chalk Powder Review

The day later, I tried the Ultimate Performance Chalk powder. This is the dry powder and comes in two sizes of bags – 300g and 1kg. For the vast majority of lifters, 300g is more than enough to last them a long time. I think it’ll be around a year before I have to replace my chalk from this bag.

Ultimate Performance Chalk

The chalk is as good as you’d expect – odour free, finely ground and comes in a re-sealable bag, which anyone who has ever had a chalk bag split or burst (yup, I have), will tell you is important.

The chalk offers an even coating, with any excess falling off very quickly and easily. Again, like the liquid chalk it washes off very easily after use and leaves absolutely no trace of ever being on your hands. As with any chalk though, it will leave a mark on clothes if you touch clothes with chalky hands. That being said, it does wash off easily.

You certainly won’t go wrong with either the liquid or powder Ultimate Performance chalk for your weight lifting training.

You can pick up both of the Ultimate Performance chalks here, with the liquid chalk costing £11.95 and the 300g bag of chalk costing £9.95.

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