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Lean Greens Review…

Lean Greens Review…

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of greens drinks. A megadose of vitamins and minerals in one hit, not to mention a convenient way of adding all kinds of beneficial ingredients such as wheatgrass and spirulina to your diet without the hassle of preparing them all.

Yep, I’m firmly in the greens drinks fan club.

I was recently asked to try Lean Greens. I’d known about them for a while – I attended a seminar with the founder of the company a few years ago. I hadn’t tried the product though, so I was really happy to be asked to share my thoughts.

First impressions were great – the Lean Greens product came in a classy black box with the powder and a smart shaker. This is so convenient – the bottom is detachable, meaning you can store the greens powder in the bottom of the bottle and mix it as and when you want to.

Lean greens review

Additionally, the Lean Greens pack contained both an information guide and a really cool 21 day nutrition plan.

The plan itself is great – really comprehensive, shares recipes, shopping lists and how-to guides. If you’re new to this healthy living world you’ll really get some value from it. Just by following that alone most people will lose significant amounts of weight.

Lean Greens Review – The Product

When I try and powdered supplement, I’m looking at a couple of things mainly…

  1. Taste
  2. How well it mixes

On the taste front, it was absolutely fine. I’m not going to lie and say greens taste amazing because none of them do, but some taste absolutely awful. This one is up there with the best. Besides, what tastes good to me may taste incredible to you.

Mix wise, it was perfect. After a few seconds of mixing it was lump-free, which is a lot more than can be said for others I’ve tried. It’s easy to drink and can be mixed quickly (and conveniently) thanks to the SmartShaker. No complaints from me.

Lean Greens Review – Conclusion

It’s really easy to see how and why Lean Greens are so successful. Their product tastes good, mixes well and their support documentation is a nice bonus – not something I’ve had when I’ve bought other greens products.

Their website is informative and the support section makes you feel like you’re buying from a company that gives a shit about you, which is a nice touch.

If you’re interested in trying Lean Greens, head to their website and make your product choice – you won’t go wrong!

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