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Iron Gym Extreme Review

Iron Gym Extreme Review

I have recently been trialling the Iron Gym Extreme. I first saw this bit of kit a few years ago on one of those late night infomercials, which usually means it’s a bit of tat and not worth buying! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Iron Gym Extreme though.

Iron Gym Extreme

Its a simple but versatile bit of kit. Easy to put together, simple to understand and the build quality is decent – I’ve used gym kit costing more that isn’t built as well.

So what can you do with the Iron Gym Extreme?

  • Pull up variety
  • Push ups variety
  • Sit ups – variety as you can rotate etc.

Comes into it’s own as a chinning bar as everything else you could do easily without a bar. That though, is exactly where the value in the Iron Gym Extreme lies. You can do all kinds of exercises with your bodyweight, but without external equipment a solid back exercise is really difficult to do. By turning a door frame into a chinning station, your back exercise problem is solved in a second!

Iron Bar Extreme

I’ve never been brilliant at chin ups or pull ups. I can do them no problem, but I’ve never been able to jump up and bang out 20 dead hang chins without issue. In a single set I can do 10, maybe 12 on a good day. I wonder if I did 30-50 every day would that improve? I’m guessing yes, so will have the Iron Gym Extreme in the doorframe of my office to test the theory out. It’s also a good way of stretching my spine after sitting down for prolonged periods.

As a press up/push up tool, it’s great. Allows you the additional challenge of different hand positions and the extra range of movement afforded by having your hands elevated. It makes a great exercise a little bit tougher, which is a useful feature for more advanced users.

Iron Gym Extreme

Iron Gym Extreme Verdict

It’s not going to replace your gym workout, but if you are on the road/stuck at home with limited kit and want to train, then it’s a very worthwhile investment. At the price point the build quality is solid – my training partner Andy is 6’3 and 99kg (it advertises the upper limit being 100kg) and used the device without any issue at all!

We tested it both inside and outside and by doing a variety of exercises on it and were both satisfied that it performed exactly as we’d hoped. At no point did it feel unsafe or unsteady, nor did it slip from position.

At the price, it’s a very worthwhile investment – especially if you train at home and don’t have a chinning bar. It’s inexpensive, versatile and more than capable of doing the job!

For more info on the Iron Gym Extreme, check out their site Iron Gym Extreme.

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