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New! The ABC Foundations Programme

The ABC Foundations Programme

This year I have really ventured into the world of online fitness coaching, with my ABC Programme. I don’t care if it sounds like a sleazy salesman when I say it’s the best online fitness training programme on the market. It is.

In my market research of the online training market I subscribed to a few programmes to see what they were like. Honestly, I was surprised at just how low the standard is.

Style over substance, most definitely.

Anyway, my ABC Programme is something I’m really, really proud of. The only problem is that is just isn’t particularly beginner friendly. It’s an all-round programme but it’s designed for the more advanced fitness enthusiast. It’ll turn regular gym users into really fit people, but to get the most from it you need to have some fitness experience.

Why the ABC Foundations Programme Exists…

Having spoken to a few people, I realised I needed to plug a gap in my product offering. I needed to offer a coaching programme for people who go to the gym, but didn’t know what to do in there.

The ABC Foundations Programme was built.

With the ABC Foundations Programme I wanted to build the ultimate gym induction – a progressive, informative online fitness course that would take people from gym beginners through to gym users with a solid understanding of gym equipment, terminology, training methods and progressions.

More than that, I wanted it to be interactive, to provide a real level of support through the process.

The gym can be intimidating, but with someone to provide that support and encouragement, it’s much less so. Going in there knowing what you need to do, how you need to do it and most importantly, WHY you are doing it makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable.

No more scary gym experiences. No more guesswork. No more unhelpful ‘inductions’, where you are shown a selection of the kit, given a generic programme and left to your own devices.

The ABC Foundations Programme eBook

To accompany the programme members, I have written a 23 page eBook to go alongside the practical workouts. It’s downloadable to your phone, tablet or laptop so can be consumed on the go. It’s easy to read – in fact you can read the entire thing on your lunch break. It’s really helpful though and offers supporting information for the course content.

The ABC Foundations eBook content is as follows….

  • The difference between ‘activity’, ‘exercise’ and ‘training’.
  • Understanding equipment basics.
  • Mindset and developing a training mentality.
  • The human movements.
  • How to warm up correctly.
  • How to select appropriate weights for an exercise.
  • The differences between common training methods.
  • How to adjust your training sessions to improve results.
  • Gym kit – what’s useful, what’s not.
  • Graduation into the full ABC Programme.

ABC Foundations Programme

What are the differences between the ABC Foundations Programme and the ABC Programme?

I’ll start by saying the ABC Programme is designed with the experienced gym user in mind. There are 4 demanding workouts per week, each with supporting notes.

The ABC Foundations Programme is designed to take you from a total beginner to a point where you have both the knowledge and physical ability to cope with the full ABC Programme.

The ABC Foundations Programme has 3 workouts per week and each week has a progressive theme.

It takes 14 weeks of training before you graduate to the ABC Programme. The 14 weeks are divided by the following weeks…

  1. The Big 6 Exercises: Exercise selection for the whole body in a fewer movements.
  2. Building Strength: How to do it properly.
  3. Redefining Cardio: Understanding LISS, HIIT, Circuits and the concept of cardio.
  4. Building Intensity: Adjusting Reps, Sets, Load, Volume, Frequency, Reps, Rest etc.
  5. How a Bodybuilder Trains.
  6. How a Powerlifter Trains.
  7. Athletic/Hybrid Training.
  8. The ABC Programme!

The workouts are delivered in the exact same way as the ABC Programme – via the app.

Each workout contains videos showing the technique of each exercise, as well as written instructions for every single workout. You’ll be taught exactly what to do and how to do it.

ABC Foundations Programme, ABC Programme, benefits of online training

What is the level of support on the ABC Foundations Programme?

Like the ABC Programme, the level of support is very, very high. I stress to members even though the programme is online, it is not remote. I’m on hand to answer any questions via Skype, email, text or the app itself.

How do I join the ABC Foundations Programme?

Simple! There are two ways you can do it…

  1. Go straight to this page, sign up for your £1 trial and go from there.
  2. If you’d prefer to chat to me first, book a call here and we can discuss whether or not my online fitness coaching programmes will help you!

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