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The 90 to New Challenge – Update 3

Last week I told you how we’d shifted the 75 Hard Challenge to a ’90 to New’. The difference is pretty subtle and the change was put in place because we’d had a couple of people join the challenge a week or two in, so extending it to 90 days seemed appropriate.

The week has been a good one – I’m in the swing of things fully now, so it’s not a question of forcing myself into getting the work done, I just do it naturally. I’d be lying if I said motivation to train daily is always at a maximum – it’s definitely not, but I just train anyway. It’s a commitment to a challenge.

One of the workouts this week was a classic example. I think it was Thursday. I’d had a long day, a busy day. I really didn’t want to train, but motivated by the challenge, I went along to the gym and had one of the best workouts I’d had in a long time. If I hadn’t have been doing to the 90 to New, I’d have never put myself through the workout.

Training Update

As I mentioned, I’d had a solid week. A lot of steps were taken (literally and figuratively!), I had a few good training sessions and I have had my most active week on the challenge so far. In part that’s thanks to amazing weather this weekend, which saw me on a bike ride with my personal training client, Rick. We did that on Saturday and went for a long family walk on the Sunday, which certainly added up on the activity charts…


On the Tuesday I went for a long walk, which I tend not to record because they’re not really intense exercise. Still though, it’s activity and it adds up toward the challenge.

Reading Update

Not a huge amount to report here – I’ve stayed on track with the target, reading at least 10 pages per day. The book I’m on at the moment is called ‘59 Seconds‘ by Prof Richard Wiseman, a psychologist. It’s an interesting take on personal development, debunking a lot of the myths and approaches to the genre.

I’m finding it very interesting and there are certainly parallels between both my work as a personal trainer and the work I’m doing in this challenge. I think there’s definite scope for a blog post on it soon, such is the crossover of the books.

It’s an interesting book and one I’d suggest for anyone looking at a life change…

Challenge Extension

I’m doing well on the challenge and I think I can extend this to improve the health benefits further. One of which would be extra fat loss. To do this, I’m adding a weekly 24 hour fast into the 90 to New. I’ll also be taking a fish oil on a daily basis (I’ve ordered them, I just have to wait for them to arrive).

This will add another level of difficulty to the challenge, but one I’m actually quite excited about. I’m no stranger to fasting, so this one should be comparatively easy compared to the last one I did!

General Observations

There’s no doubt that challenges help me – I don’t quite know why, but the trick in future is going to be switching from challenge mentality to ‘this is life’ mentality, where you adopt a lot of the behaviours for the long term. At this point I don’t think I’ve figured out the answers, but when I do I’ll be sure to let you know!

What I’ve noticed is a definite improvement in productivity, there’s no procrastination as such and the daily exercise is an absolute win. That’s going to be here to stay. I’m a regular exerciser anyway, but daily is an upgrade on that again. It’s something we should all adopt, of that I’m certain.

To summarise, the 90 to New is going very well. I’m noticing physical and mental improvements. That’s what this is all about isn’t it?

Update 4 now live!

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