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Forget 75 Hard… It’s a 90 to New Challenge Now…

Welcome to update 2 on the 75 hard challenge. I hinted last week that there were going to be some changes this week and there here – the 75 hard challenge we were following has been upgraded to a 90 day challenge.

This replacement challenge is called the ’90 to New’. It’s essentially an elongated 75 Hard, where you pick a handful of goals that accomplish for 90 days. At the end you’ll have a new body, a new outlook, a new routine, new habits. You’ll be a new you!

Why did we change it to a 90 to New?

I put out a call on my blog and social media to start this new challenge and the uptake was good. I accepted a few people who I believed were enthusiastic, keen to do good things and would stay the course. That’s where the 75 Hard challenge started, but a week later we welcomed a new member, Mike.

Rather than have Mike finish a week later than us, we stretched it slightly. We used Mike’s start date as day 1 of a 90 day challenge, and as such the 90 to new was born.

We each contributed our goals in the What’sApp group (to make them public amongst ourselves) and then we got started.

Week 1 summary

I’ve had a very good opening week – I’ve nailed all of my goals. It was made slightly easier by the fact that my kids were both on school holidays, but in another way that was off-set by the fact that I had a lot of work to do and a computer battery that died!

Despite that, here’s what I managed to get done this week…


I hit my daily training target and even rounded off the week with some good, heavy snatching, which is something I haven’t done for a few weeks. I managed a good workout every day (I opened the week with a walk for recovery, so didn’t record it as a workout).

Here’s a snapshot of the activity I managed to get through this week…

75 hard challenge

Really happy in particular with the daily goal completion, because I set my watch to a high level of activity. If I hit 100% of my daily target, I’ve had a pretty active day by almost everyone’s standards!

The daily average of steps is good as well. I know a lot of people will look at that and laugh, but bear in mind when my gym is locked down and I can’t work as a personal trainer, I’m not on my feet as much. My other role is a copywriter, which involves long periods of time sat down – not exactly helpful when it comes to hitting a step goal!

Supplementation has carried on as per usual. Nothing to report here – I’ve not missed a day of it. There’s nothing more I can say about it than that really!

Reading update…

I finished the Bradley Wiggins book I was reading. I really enjoyed it – an easy read (as you’d expect from a sports autobiography) and helped to pique my interest in getting back on my bike. I like to hear about the training other people are doing, it really helps to motivate me and to show me levels of what people are capable of.

The take home piece from the Bradley Wiggins book is a very simple one – work hard. Work consistently. Throughout the book Brad refers to 2012 (the year he won the Tour de France) as being in peak form. What helped him get there?


In the depths of winter, in the gym, in the lab, with his coaches. It was work, it was dedication and it was sacrifice. The result was that in 2012 he achieved more than most riders do in an entire career.

There’s the lesson.

It’s been a good opening week on the freshly-named 90 to New challenge. I’m looking forward to more great weeks ahead! People are noticing me looking leaner, so it’s working!

Here’s update 3…

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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