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The 75 Hard Update. Round 2, Update 1…

One of the demands I made of myself was a weekly 75 hard update, because the last time I did the challenge I didn’t keep an updated diary on the blog. This time, we’re locked down, I’ve got no excuses so I’ll be keeping to the promise!

To remind you of what I said I’d do in the 75 Hard, here’s the challenges I set myself for this challenge…

  • Train every day for 75 days. No days off
  • Take my supplements of a multivitamin and vitamin D3 every day
  • Read at least 10 pages every night
  • Drink 2 litres of water per day (I’ll also drink other things, but that’s my water target)
  • Walk 10,000 steps per day

To supplement these I’ve got a couple of weekly targets…

  • Do a full stretching session that is at least 30 minutes long
  • Write a blog post on how the week has gone

Training Update – Plenty of Steps!

Training has been great – managed every day, no problem. There was one day when I took the foot off the gas a little and did some basic weightlifting rather than a high intensity session, but I still managed to lift.

The daily step count has been hit easily, even though I’m spending a lot of time sat at home writing. I basically do a check of my steps and if I’m not at 10,000 by the evening, I simply head out for a walk until I’ve reached it. There’s no hack, no science here – it’s a case of going out and getting it done.

The image below is a snapshot of my daily activity from last week – it shows I’ve done 99,516 steps, which is an average of 14,216 per day. I’m happy with that!

It also only shows 6 workouts, but that’s because I didn’t set my heart rate monitor. I did a full stretching session, so it didn’t really feel necessary to track my heart rate during that!

75 hard update

Supplementation Challenge Update

I’ve hit that target no problem at all – I just make taking my vitamins a part of my nightly ritual. Brush my teeth, take my vits. Simple really.

Here’s what I’m currently taking…

Reading Update

One of the better habits I’ve developed during lockdown is re-establishing a nightly reading practice. I’m using it as an opportunity to put a large dent into my book backlog, while learning from the words of others. There’s also a healthy dose of inspiration to be gleaned as well.

One of the books I’ve turned to for this challenge is ‘My Time’ by Bradley Wiggins (the first British winner of the Tour de France, and multiple Olympic gold medallist). It’s a book I’ve owned for years but haven’t gotten around to reading. I picked it for this challenge because one of my longer-term aims is to get back on my bike, so thought some cycling reading would be helpful!

The target is 10 pages per night, but in reality I’m enjoying the book so much that I’m 160-odd pages in already. Still though, that’s a good thing – it’ll mean I’ll be able to get through another book in the challenge!

75 Hard Update – Progression ahead…

We have a small 75 Hard Challenge group which is helpful when it comes to motivation, checking in and support. We added a new member this week, which has tweaked our timelines. With that in mind, we’re extending the challenge to 90 days, which may see a change in how we do things!

Look out for next week’s 75 hard update, because we’ll have decided what we’re doing with the challenge.

UPDATE: Click here for the next update…

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