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Summer Body Tips

Summer Body Tips

The summer countdown is on! The mornings are brighter, the sun shows itself more frequently, the world doesn’t feel perpetually dark. The flowers are starting to bloom and you don’t need to put on 18 layers before venturing out of the house.

Gyms the world over are starting to get busier again as people look towards the summer and beach season! Nobody wants to look and feel like crap on the beach, so use these summer body tips and make sure you aren’t one of those too embarrassed to wear what you want to this summer!

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You want a ‘summer’ body? Start NOW with these summer body tips….

Let’s assume you will hit an average weight loss of around 2lbs per week, it’s going to take you 7 weeks to drop a stone. It will take 14 weeks to drop 2. Now, chances are if you are working with a personal trainer it will take less time than that, but we have to work with averages here.

If you think starting in June will give you a body you won’t be embarrassed by on the beach, chances are you are deluding yourself. Find out where you currently are and work from there. If your holiday is July and you need to drop 20lbs, I would give yourself a good 12-14 weeks. This extra time allows for the occasional slip, week or two of weight gain etc. Life gets in the way sometimes, so you need time to work around that.

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At this early point, consistency is the most important thing of all. Developing a consistent exercise habit, a consistent approach to your nutritional habits and a consistent sleeping patter will really help. Make these lifestyle habits a fixture in your life early on and you will very quickly embrace them.

Here are three REALLY simple summer body tips to help you shed significant weight before your holidays…

  1. Time your carbohydrates better. Rather eat starchy carbohydrates early in the day, save them for your post-workout meal. The rest of the time you should be sticking to meat and vegetable based meals.
  2. Exercise REGULARLY. You have heard this a million times before, but it still holds true. If you want to drop body fat you need to exercise with consistency. Week in, week out. Don’t think once per week, every other week will do the job. It won’t. Get to the gym and get busy!
  3. Cook your own food. Relying on shop-bought or canteen foods when trying to lose weight is too risky. You have no quality control, no idea on calories and only limited say on portion size. It’s true that food matters more than exercise, so take control of your food and the results will come.

Bring these summer body tips into your life, act decisively and make a plan. Realise you have time, but only if you start to act now! Remember, an average of 2lbs per week will be 20lbs just two and a half months!

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