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Diet Made Simple

Diet Made Simple

What should I eat? It’s one of the most confusing points when it comes to weight loss. I should know – I’ve been helping people lose weight for 10 years. Healthy eating needn’t be so confusing – I’ll show you a diet made simple.

The diet confusion issue isn’t helped by charismatic diet ‘gurus’ insisting that their way is the best way and that all other diet approaches are flawed and won’t work for you. Individual diets have to be sexed up by the people who champion them, because ‘eat well and move often’ just doesn’t seem like a product, so they have to make it sound fancy for you to think you are following something unique.

It’s easy to get confused because there are just so many diets out there. If you don’t have a background in nutrition it’s a maze! Should you do Weight Watchers? Slimming World? Atkins? The 5:2 Diet? Low fat? Low carb? High fruit? Cabbage soup? High protein? There seems to be a never ending list of potential diets you could do, each with their own success stories.

diet made simple

To be honest, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Also, you have got to remember one thing…

Almost any diet works for while….. as long as it’s stuck to!

If you are starting out and want to lose weight, you could go on any of the famous diets and lose weight – at least for a while. The real successful diets are the ones that are based in solid principles and you can stick to for the long term. It’s no good losing 40lbs only to put it all back on.

This article is about diet made simple. Taking the best of each diet to make a simple approach that is both successful and easy to follow.

To start with, let’s look at the commonalities between a few of the ‘famous’ dietary approaches. If we remove all of their idiosyncrasies such as no grains, low fat, no meat etc the main commonalities are…

  • Eat plenty of whole foods (meat, fish, vegetables, eggs etc)
  • Reduced processed foods (anything that has to be made in a factory)
  • Eat plenty of good quality, lean protein
  • Eat lots of fibre from vegetable sources
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Reduce alcohol intake

Use these as a starting point for your healthy eating approach and you won’t go wrong. It’s not until you dial down to fitness-model levels of body fat that you need to really focus on exactly what it is you are eating in order to achieve weight loss. Following the guidelines above will see most people reach and maintain a healthy level of body fat.

simple health and fat loss tips, how I got back to eating healthily, diet made simpleThe different schools of thought will never fully agree on the best diet, but by adopting the commonalities between them all you you will get most of the benefits.

Don’t overthink or overcomplicate your diet. Stick to the basics outlined above and you will lose weight. Far too often I see and read about people who are bothered about their macronutrient split or metabolic windows but don’t even have the most basic dietary principles nailed.

Diet made simple – eat meat, vegetables, keep sugar and alcohol low and drink plenty of water.

Oh, and get plenty of exercise!

Simple enough eh?

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