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Alqemist CBD Products Review

I recently tried a couple of products from new CBD company, alqemist. I’ve been a fan of CBD oil for a while, so here’s a few of my thoughts on their products…

I started with the alqemist CBD Oil (10%). It’s a 10ml bottle containing some of the purest CBD oil on the planet (99.7% purity – unmatched anywhere else). To further boost the purity claims, Alqemist CBD is produced ecologically and sustainably within the EU, strictly avoiding chemicals, pesticides and genetic engineering of the plant and end product.


What’s interesting about the alqemist CBD is that in the bottle it is mixed with MCT oil derived from coconuts, which helps from an energy point of view, as well as providing a fat base to help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, should you stack it with other supplements or foods.

Another benefit of the MCT oil is that it helps take the bitter edge off the CBD, giving the product a nice, neutral flavour and a much more pleasant mouth feel. The alqemist CBD is a clear liquid, rather than some of the cheaper, murky products that have made their way to the market in recent months.

The alqemist 10% CBD is named so because it contains 10% cannabidiol (CBD). The only other ingredient is the coconut MCT oil, so it’s a very clean product. There is no THC at all in the product, thanks to a special extraction process.

alqemist CBD Focus Spray Review

I’ve tried all kinds of CBD products in the past – capsules, gummies, tinctures, but I’d never tried it in spray form. I was interested to give this a try. Where I usually take CBD for rest and recover benefits, this is designed to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms.


The flavour profile is dramatically different to other CBD products. The Goji Berry flavour makes for a nice, sweet taste. The recipe includes other ingredients such as ginseng, astragalus root, Dang Gui root, Longan Arillus and liquorice extract, so it’s actually a pleasure to take!

I don’t suffer from stress particularly, but there are certainly times when work loads can become a tad overwhelming. This helped me to focus, to stay relaxed and work my way through my to-do lists. If you’re in a fast-paced or high-stress environment, it could be perfect for you. Anxiety reduction is a known benefit of CBD, so seriously consider using it if you’re a sufferer.

alqemist Product Review: Conclusion

I’m a signed-up convert to CBD and have been for a couple of years now, so I’m not surprised that these products are very effective. They improve sleep, taste great and help me to recover. There’s something important for you to understand though…

The CBD market has been flooded with cheap, low-quality products that are totally ineffective. You may have to pay more for the quality products, but they work – that’s the important thing. With CBD oil you can easily waste your money. With Alqemist, you won’t be doing that.

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