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Mirafit Drag Sled and Battle Rope Review

I’ve long been a fan of alternative cardio workouts (I even wrote a book on them), so when Mirafit offered me the chance to try out a couple of bits of their kit, I jumped at the chance – it was an opportunity to throw in a few new challenges to my training and give an honest and considered opinion on fitness products.

I asked for the Drag Sled and the Battle Rope…

Mirafit M1 Drag Sled Review

I’ll start with the drag sled… because I love it! I’m not the quickest sprinter in the world and a few years of olympic weightlifting have added a few extra kilos of muscle to my frame, so in order for me to keep any semblance of pace and conditioning, it’s important that I throw in a few sprint workouts.

I love the effects of sprint workouts, but they’re very much a question of function over fun – they’re pretty limited in variety. With the drag sled though, you add a whole other dimension of challenge….

In this video I’m performing sprints with 10kg of additional weight, with the aim being to work on acceleration. The pitch is 25 metres long and I kept repeating the sprints until I reached a fatigued state. Using the drag sled totally changes the dynamics of a sprint workout and I’ll be adding some extra content to this blog as I explore drag sled workouts in more depth.

The built quality is solid, the straps are very comfortable and the overall use experience is fantastic. The drag sled retails at just shy of £60, which is a bargain. I’m using it in my training and I’m going to be adding it to personal training sessions too, now I’ve gotten to grips with how I think I can get the most out of it.

Mirafit 9m Battle Rope Review

Battle ropes are a cool bit of kit for cardio and HIIT workouts. The effects of battle rope work are felt all over the body, but they are particularly effective when it comes to upper body cardio.

In terms of versatility, there are few bits of kit that can match the battle rope. Whether it’s slams, ripples, side to sides, pulls, rows or complexes involving the ropes, they’re a great bit of kit and can add a huge amount of variety to anyones training programme.

Again, just like the drag sled I’m going to do more articles on the blog about how I’m using the rope in future, but for now I want to talk about it from a users point of view….

Mirafit battle rope

I have the 9mm rope, which is 38mm thick- thin enough for anyone to grip, thick and heavy enough to provide a challenge over enough reps. Mirafit stock a wide range of battle ropes, in different lengths and the quality is fantastic – the rubber anti-grey caps have worked well and provide a nice handle to grip the rope with

Where 9m may be a little short for a commercial gym, it’s great for me as a personal trainer. It fits easily into my car, offers me a tonne of variety with clients, is robust enough to use outdoors and is waterproof, so doesn’t end up getting really heavy if it is lying on wet ground.

At £39.95, it’s a bit of a bargain for home gym and personal training use and I really think it’s a great addition to most home gyms.

Take a look at the rest of the Mirafit range by visiting their website

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