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REVIEW: Kumar Mens DLX High Performance Waterproof Jacket

Review: Trespass Kumar DLX Jacket

One of my favourite parts of blogging is reviewing new products – it’s a chance to try out new kit and provide genuine, honest feedback about them. I was recently given a product to review – a jacket from Trespass, the Kumar DLX jacket.

Most of the products I’m offered, I turn down. I’m not really interested in a lot of them, so only take on the kind of kit I think my readers would like and use.

I’m no stranger to Trespass products because I have reviewed a few of them in the past. I’ve always been really impressed because they seem to offer great build quality and value at a price that a lot of other brands can’t match.

It won’t be a surprise to regular readers of my blog that I’m a fan of outdoor pursuits. A regular part of my exercise is a good old walk in the countryside, so I have the perfect testing ground for anything like the Kumar DLX jacket!

I’ve given the Kumar DLX Jacket a couple of solid run-outs recently…

  1. On a VERY windy day in Lyme Park, just down the road from us.
  2. Whilst sledging with my sons for 2 hours in the Peak District National Park.

Why these two?

Well the two main aspects of the design I wanted to test were the waterproof and windproof qualities of the jacket. The insulation isn’t a key feature of it, but these two are. I wanted to put it to the test…

The first day was during a 3 hour walk in Lyme Park. If you’ve never been there, it’s wide open, high up (in the foothills of the Peak District) and very exposed to the elements. Despite being in the wind for 3 hours, the jacket kept me warm and did a great job of sheltering me from the wind.

Lyme Park, The Cage Lyme Park, Kumar DLX Jacket

Next up was a day of sledging with my sons and nephew this weekend. We went high up into the Peak District to get some real snow and big hills, ideal for sledging…

Kumar DLX Jacket

Despite other options, I wore the Kumar DLX jacket because I thought that rolling round in foot-deep snow would be an ideal testing ground for the waterproof capabilities of the jacket. This would be more than just exposing it to a little shower, it would have to withstand rolling around in the snow and having snowballs thrown at me!

Kumar DLX Jacket

I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colours.

Up in the hills it was very windy and the snow was around 12 inches deep. I spent a lot of time in it yet the jacket didn’t leak once – even at the zips. I kept my phone in a jacket pocket the entire time but didn’t have an issue with it getting wet at all!

Kumar DLX Jacket Review Conclusion

Having put it through a very rigorous testing process, I’d definitely recommend it – I doubt for the price you’ll find a better jacket.

If I was going to pick any holes in the jacket, I’d have liked a way for the hood to be rolled up and stored in the collar – instead you have to detach it otherwise it’s a touch too big when it’s not being used.

The only other point would I’d prefer the sleeve adjusters on the wrists to be made from material rather than plastic, which makes them look slightly cheaper.

That being said, this is a £99 jacket, not a £200 one so I can easily overlook these!

Overall, the Kumar DLX Jacket is great value. It’s fantastically waterproof, windproof, it looks great and is good value at £99.99. You’d be making a wise choice if you picked it!

Grab one here… Trespass Kumar DLX Jacket.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Kumar Mens DLX High Performance Waterproof Jacket”

  1. One of the key festures of the jacket is it’s breathability.
    Have you had a chance to test this feature.

  2. Hi Denis!

    I have – I wore it in the heavy snowfall in the Peak District. I was running up and down the hills, sledging with my kids. Normally I’d be sweating a lot but it wasn’t an issue here!


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