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Archon Smart Scales Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new set of smart scales by Archon. As a personal trainer I use my scales every day weighing both myself and my clients, so have plenty of opportunity to put a set of scales through their paces.

The Archon Smart Scales didn’t disappoint….

Archon Smart Scales

The initial thinking may be ‘what is there to review about scales? Surely all they need to do is weigh you?’ To a point, that’s true. There’s also a few other considerations I have when testing scales….

The Build Quality

This is particularly important to me. I use scales daily and have seen pairs fall apart with heavy use, so I want any scales I use in my personal training business to be built well enough to stand up to heavy use.

The build quality of the Archon Smart Scales is excellent, so I have no concerns whatsoever that they will stand up to the use I will be putting them through.

The Ease of Use

Old style scales were easy to use – you just stepped on them. Modern day scales are a tad different as they are more personalised – you’ll have an app alongside the scales to record your data. This means you can accurately track your measurements over time and don’t need to write them down – the app records them for you!

Archon Smart Scales

The app with the Archon Smart Scales is really, really easy to use and records all kinds of data – weight, fat mass, muscle mass, water levels, BMR, BMI, Bone Mass etc.

Reliability and Accuracy

Any scales are only as good as their accuracy and the Archon Smart Scales are bang on. I know this because I have a set of very expensive scales at home that are 100% accurate (tested using multiple different measures), and these match them, so that is a fantastic sign.

Next up is the charging issue. Personally, this is where I think the Archon Smart Scales are fantastic – they are charged using a USB cable, not batteries.

Why is this a big deal?

Well first and foremost, you don’t have to change the batteries, so it saves one job. Secondly, the batteries won’t be slowly degrading, risking accuracy issues. Thirdly, if batteries die and you don’t have replacements, the scales are out of action. With a USB cable, if I have my laptop with me or I’m at home, I can easily charge the scales.

Archon Fit Smart Scales Review – Conclusion

Having used dozens of scales over the years, I’d say the Archon Smart Scales are up there with the best. They’re nice and compact, super easy to use, they have great app support, they’re accurate and have a fantastic charging idea with the USB cable.

Archon Smart Scales are available for £29.99 here.

For other product reviews, check out the reviews page of my website.

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