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Bioavailability is the amount of an administered substance that is absorbed and used by the body for its intended purpose. The more bioavailable a food is, the more we benefit from it during the digestive process.

The bioavailability of a food is determined by a number of points, such as the nutrient density, the freshness, the cell membrane and the chemical make up of the foodstuff.

We can often mistakenly believe that because our diet is full of healthy foods, we are getting all of the vitamins and minerals we need. Whilst for many of us this may be true, a few simple tips can aid the digestive process and render the foods we eat more beneficial to our health.

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In order for the body to absorb a nutrient, it has to be made more bioaccessible. This process requires the nutrients in the cell matrix to be liberated and changed into a chemical form that can be absorbed by the target cells.

There are additional ways we can make the foods we eat more bioavailable…

  • Cooking – the cooking process breaks down certain chemical membranes than liberate the nutrients contained within foods.
  • Thorough chewing – by breaking down the foods in the mouth we allow more nutrients to be released by the foods.
  • Cooking methods – cooking foods at a low temperature will break down cell membranes without destroying the vitamin and mineral content.
  • Pairing them with suitable foods – combinations such as vegetables and fat allow fat-soluble vitamins to be absorbed. Iron-containing vegetables are also more readily absorbed in the company of orange juice as the juice changes the chemistry of the iron.
  • Pureeing – breaking down the foods away from the presence of heat liberates much of the vitamin and mineral content, making it more available to the digestive enzymes.
  • Avoiding drinking too much with a meal – large amounts of liquid with a meal dilute the digestive acids and enzymes, reducing their effectiveness.

These simple tips will make healthy foods even better for us. The benefits gained will make a significant difference to the absorption rates of the foods we eat, meaning we can use less but gain more!

Simply taking a bit of care and thinking about how you buy, cook and eat food will provide numerous additional health benefits.

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