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What You Need to Know Before Training for Competition

Most people train to get their body in shape or maintain it. But if you are training on your own for a competition then you are at the right place. The first rule of training is to be clear about your target and goal so you can work hard to achieve it. The bodybuilding is not about the most puffed body, but about the most perfectly maintained body shape. Your body can be of the perfect shape if you follow these instructions properly. 

If you want to enter the competition then you should keep in mind that other opponents can be better. And in this context, the competition can be tough. The only way to win the competition is by working on yourself and your self-esteem. You should keep this in your mind that no force can stop you from becoming the best if you take the right decision. Here is some instruction for the plan you’d need to start training for a bodybuilding competition. 

All You Need to Know to Start Training for Competition

You should start working out at least 12 weeks prior to the competition if your body is in good shape. You should start from the areas you ignored in the past and then move towards working on your already well-maintained body parts. This way you’ll have your whole body perfectly fit and prepared for any kind of competition. The following plan can help you find the proper way and method to start working for a competition 

Get Going

1.     A Plan

Planning and hard work can pave your path towards success. You need a full plan from the day you start until the competition. Your plan should consist of a daily workout routine with weekly goals set for specific parts of your body. You should make the plan or get help from someone under your supervision so you can follow it with your best efforts. You can set daily workout hours and timings that suit you with effective breaks.

2.     Get Yourself a Training Partner

You cannot do Somethings all by yourself. You need a workout partner to help you with several things including posture, motivation, and schedule, etc. Your mutual workout with your partner will be effective for both of you. Your lifting partner can also keep an eye on you so you can be more focused and aware of your workout. You should know that you cannot succeed until you work with the professionals and cooperate with them. 

3.     Get Proper Equipment

Your determination to workout is equally as important to working out under the right conditions. The gym equipment required to train for a bodybuilding competition is not available in an ordinary gym in your block. You will need the proper equipment for weight lifting, chest, legs forelimbs, and abs workout as well. Apart from the equipment, you’ll need the right staff and best coach in town for your training so you can be exceptionally outstanding.  

4.     Detoxify and Cleanse

If you’ve been using drugs or steroids in the past then you’ll need to go through the process of detoxification and cleansing your body from toxins. You should know what happens if you fail a drug test and why you need to be aware of it. Drug testing is compulsory in sports including bodybuilding. One positive drug test can affect your career negatively that’s why you should detoxify your body and come clean before your competition. You can easily get your drug tests negative if you are cautious. 


Get a Trainer

Finding the right trainer is the key. You can work out watching videos online to an extent. But when it comes to working out for a competition, things change a little for both men and women. You’ll need a trainer who can study your body and guide you through the most effective ways to make your body 10/10.   

Focus on Movements

You should study and know about your body and how it works. This way you can understand the science behind your movements, thus you can then focus on your movements and get the best out of yourself. Hard work does not work if it is not efficient, and focusing on your movements can make your workout efficient. 

Take Proper Nutrition

Avoid steroids as they can have long-term adverse effects on your body. You should rather switch to a supplementary and controlled diet to maintain the protein and fats level in your body without risking anything. Proper nutrition is a necessity for you as you can’t get the best out of your body if you don’t have enough nutrients in your body. You should also stay properly hydrated and keep your water levels high. Because if your water levels are low then the supplements you have been taking can cause kidney stones. 

Motivation is Key

Last but not least, motivation is the key to success and nobody can motivate you as effectively as you can by yourself. You should feed yourself with a daily dose of motivation to keep your esteem high. Your motivation can come in any form of music, quotes, people you love, your past, etc. And with motivation, nothing can stop you from getting what you want.

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