Recommended Health and Fitness Products

Health and Fitness Products I Use…

This page contains a selection of my recommended health and fitness products.

I use this stuff and like it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t suggest it!

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Fitness and Nutrition Products

When it comes to training, good equipment footwear and extra equipment is essential – few activities place such high demands on the body as exercise. All of these products are very useful when it comes to your fitness and are all great quality.


Fitness and Nutrition Books

These books provide a snapshot of the kind of work that has influenced my approach. Whether you are a personal trainer, interested in personal training or just a general gym user with an interest in health and fitness, these books are all great resources and full of information.



Wiggle – the worlds best online bicycle and accessories retailer.

Cornerstone – the simple way to shave.

Top quality engineered blades, personalised handle, excellent face scrubs, shave gels and after shave balm.

Subscription-based shaving system that makes a chore, a pleasure.

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