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How To Train Like a Fitness Model – Article By Mark Cosgrove

This weeks blog post from Mark is all about his training. If you have ever wondered how to train like a fitness model, you can read his training cycle in this article!
My current training split/routine…

Over the years I have trained different ways, from full body routines to the more well known body part splits. There’s no right or wrong way to train in terms of muscle group isolation or full body etc. However, I do believe that there is an optimal way of training. More bang for your buck so to speak. Every single week I am asked how to train like a fitness model.
Why train one muscle group ONCE a week? If you select the right exercises to perform and get adequate rest in between, you can train a muscle group 2-3 times a week, which for me is more optimal for any goal, whether that be fat loss or building muscle. At the minute I’m currently doing a push/pull/legs split.
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I do three days of strength training, rep range between 3-5, this allows me to go heavy and build some serious strength. The next 3 days are hypertrophy type workouts (muscle building) rep range varies, I can go from the 8-12 rep range on certain moves, usually compound (big moves using a variety of muscles, bench press, squat, deadlift etc) or to real high reps on others -sometimes as high as 25! I usually do this with the smaller muscles, the isolation type moves.
Training with this split allows me to train each muscle group twice a week. At the minute this is working, so I’ll stick with it. I track everything when I train, weights used, reps achieved and sometimes even the time spent under tension – reason being is that every session I do I am able to improve if I know what I performed last time. I can see exactly what was done in the session before and make sure I’m either lifting heavier or my reps have increased.
As soon as I reach the total reps set for a particular exercise I up the weight. This means my body must, and will, constantly adapt to the stress put upon it – in other words build muscle and strength! As soon as I start hitting a plateau (a sticking point) I’ll asses certain things, make sure nothing outside of my training is causing a negative affect.
There’s always a point in your training when you’re going to hit a plateau. Our bodies are very adaptable and will find an easier way of performing movements and tasks, so if my nutrition needs taking care of ie increased macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein) I’ll make the adjustment, if my rest is causing the plateau I’ll make the adjustment, that type of thing.
If neither my nutrition or my rest is the reason behind the plateau it’s time to change my actual workout. Changing the order in which I perform a workout can be all it needs or I could need a total re vamp of my training. Either way, something must change in order for my body to react to it!
Here’s a typical TRAINING CYCLE (note that its a cycle and not a week)
Day 1: Legs (Strength)
Day 2: Push (Strength)
Day 3: Pull (Strength)
Day 4: OFF
Day 5: Legs (Hypertrophy)
Day 6: Push (Hypertrophy)
Day 7: Pull (Hypertrophy)
Day 8: OFF
This type of split can be used for both men and women! Remember, I know I say it a lot, but, women, lifting weights WILL NOT make you ‘BIG’! It’ll give you a great looking physique worthy of any ‘beach body’ type goal. Look at my Facebook page, I train hard with a girl quite often, does she looked ‘jacked’?….. NOPE!
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Another note, Strength days are totally different from a hypertrophy day. It’s not just the rep range that changes. I use totally different exercise in each. If you have any questions about the actual workout in terms of exercises performed etc head over to my page and feel free to ask me directly! I’m happy to help!
So, hopefully I have explained how to train like a fitness model!
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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

8 thoughts on “How To Train Like a Fitness Model – Article By Mark Cosgrove”

  1. Good call about weight training for women! I’m not sure who started the rumour that training with weights turns women into the Hulk, but it’s done people’s health a nasty blow.
    Can you explain the concept of hypertrophy for me? I’m not familiar with this term.

  2. Hey there, I am working on cutting back down right now as I fell off for a bit in the gym. When I started training I was 300lbs, then I cut to 220lbs. Now I am 275 and have dropped five pounds in two weeks. I’m thinking about seeing if I have what it takes to get into fitness model or muscle and fitness model shape.

    I thought I’d check out your page an take a look around. I like clean eating but amp curious about the different training regimines.

    Take care

  3. Hi Dan!

    Thanks for the comment – sounds like you have done really well in the past to reduce your weight to 220lbs from 300lbs!

    If you are interested in some of the workouts, check out these pages…workout designs and the cardio approach.

    Any questions, just ask!

    Keep in touch so we can see your progress!

  4. Hello

    Can you please explain me some stuff about bodybuilding.

    I am an ectomorph (skinny) and I am looking to start working out.
    I used to workout when I was 15 with dumbbells and I ended up being lazy a year late and I have some STRETCH MARKS-so annoyed (on my biceps).

    I am 17 now and want to start working out again (60kg). I want to gain muscle but mainly focusing on visual part of it. How can I do this in the sense of rep range, weight range.

    I am looking to do the following:
    Monday: Chest, triceps (heavy), shoulders (light)
    Tuesday: Legs (heavy), abs
    Wednesday: Back, biceps (light),abs
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Shoulders (heavy), chest,
    triceps (light)
    Saturday: Legs (light),abs
    Sunday: Back, biceps (heavy)
    Monday: Rest
    Alternate Week
    Monday: Chest, triceps (light), shoulders (heavy)
    Tuesday: Legs (light), abs
    Wednesday: Back, biceps (heavy),abs
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Shoulders (light), chest,
    triceps (heavy)
    Saturday: Legs (heavy),abs
    Sunday: Back, biceps (light)
    Monday: Rest
    Heavy is low reps and heavy weight (4-6 reps) and light means light weight and high reps (8-12) and occasionally (12-20) for a change.

    I want to have a body like a model so will this work for me?

    Please reply, thanks

  5. Sorry I forgot to ask:

    1. How to get rid of double chin? T;T
    2. Is there any way I can get taller (I am 169cm)?
    3. How to improve vascularity
    4. How to get rid of REALLY stubborn stomach fat (I used to do HIIT and 200 pushups, situps and crunches but now I am fat and toooooo lazy to do that).

    thankyou ps I am the same guy from the above message ^

  6. 1. The double chin will go when you lose weight. As fat drops, usually the double chin will go too.
    2. No, unless you go through a very painful and long-term surgery where your bones are broken and then re-formed.
    3. Vascularity is improved when your body fat is lower – there is less fat covering the blood vessels so they stand out more.
    4. Strict dieting will shift the most stubborn fat, but first focus on eating to grow, then diet down.

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