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5 EMOM Workouts to Test Your Conditioning

EMOM workouts are one of the most efficient and reliable exercise protocols and there is a wide variety of different versions. The great thing about using an EMOM workout template is that you can adapt it to suit your goals, whether they are strength, size, speed or endurance based.

No matter what you are trying to achieve with your workout, you can find an EMOM workout that suits your goals.

If you haven’t heard of it before, the acronym stands for Every Minute on the Minute and the concept is pretty much as described.

The Active Retreat, new year fitness challenge, EMOM

You set yourself a certain time period, EMOM’s are typically either 10 or 20 minutes long, and then you decide on which exercises you want to do.

A set of 10 push-ups and a set of 10 sit-ups on the minute every minute example. You would complete that as fast as you can and then rest for the remainder of the minute.

Depending on how quick you are, you could end up getting 20 or 30 seconds to rest or you could end up with much less.

Regardless of how long it takes, you must start the set over again at the beginning of the next minute.

As you can imagine, it’s a pretty high intensity workout but if you want to see results quickly then your workouts need a certain level of intensity.

There’s quite a few benefits to this style, so before we get into some EMOM workouts that could help test your conditioning specifically, let’s run through a few of those benefits.

Workout Variety

I mentioned earlier that this is a method of exercising that there is very adaptable and there is a lot of different ways you can do it.

You can use it to train strength, speed, skill and conditioning as we will discuss later on. It’s also a reputable method because a lot of the exercises you can do without much equipment.


It can also be adapted to train aerobic or anaerobic systems too. You can find an EMOM workout for pretty much anything, and you can get very far by just training EMOM style.

Workout Progression:

This is one of the most important parts of any style of workout. And measuring progress is something that people tend to struggle with a little bit.

An EMOM workout does make that much easier however. You can track your progress on a minute-to-minute basis.

It’s much easier to aim to do your set of exercises a couple of second more quickly than to aim to add 5kg to a weight training exercise for example.

Progression takes time and it won’t always move as fast as you want it to. But EMOM allows for you to watch things improve by mere seconds each time.

Workout Pace:

Efficient workout doesn’t necessarily mean that  you are operating at a higher pace, but more so that you are aware and in control of your pace.

Not every workout forces you to obey the clock in the same way that you have to do it while training EMOM.

It’s impossible to go easy on yourself if you do a full on EMOM workout. There are other intense workout styles of course, but a lot of them afford you the opportunity to control your rest periods.

EMOM does not allow for that. You have to be strict and regimental and if you don’t work hard to finish your set well within the minute you’ll always have a short rest period.

strength training for cyclists, carbs, EMOM

Workouts for Conditioning:

So with all of those things in mind, conditioning is something that is essential for EMOM workouts.

It’s the process of training your mind and your body to operate at full capacity when you’re exercising.

You achieve this through increasing your strength, your speed and your endurance and there is a several EMOM workouts that can help with that. Here’s five of them:

20-Min Workout:

  • 8 wallballs
  • 8 burpees

Equipment needed: Exercise ball.

12-Min Workout:

  • 5 burpees
  • 5 kettlebell swings

Equipment needed: Kettlebell.

30-Min Workout:

  • 5 thrusters (20 kg)
  • 5 box jumps
  • Kettlebell swings

Equipment needed: Box, kettlebell, barbell + weights.

10-Min Workout:

Alternate both exercises by minute.

  • 20 wallballs
  • 10 power snatch

Equipment needed: Exercise ball, barbell.

10-Min Workout:

  • 5 dips
  • 10 pistols

No equipment needed.


Each one of these exercises covers a lot of ground muscles-wise and if you commit to them they’ll undoubtedly improve your conditioning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to EMOM workouts. Check out this list from Athletic Muscle if you want to find out more about EMOMs and try some other routines.

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