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Here’s how to lose weight…

How to lose weight…

Since I started my Facebook page the other day, I’ve taken an interest in other fitness pages and the messages the personal trainers put out to their readers/potential clients.

I’ve concluded the fitness world has a lot of charlatans, relying on pseudo-science to trick people into thinking they have some fantastic, as yet undiscovered formula to weight loss.

They haven’t, by the way, so don’t believe them.

It’s a marketing trick – find people desperate to lose weight, sell them a way to do it that sounds fantastic.

Also, if you are attracted to these complex solutions, ask yourself why? Have you mastered the basics of weight loss yet? Have you reached a plateau despite tracking your food and exercise? Have you really tried to lose weight?

No internet ‘guru’ on the planet has a plan that ignores the laws of thermodynamics and still works.

As it’s always been, the most basic, irrefutable law of weight loss is this…. eat fewer calories than you burn.

At the start in particular, it needn’t be any more difficult than that. Honestly, that’s it.

The way you create this calorie deficit is simple – you eat less and exercise more.

This is my personal training client, Ash. He’s lost 26lbs so far. He’s done it by… eating less and exercising properly.
lose weight
Most people already understand this message. There’s nothing difficult in the principle – the difficulty lies in the execution.

That’s part of the reason why personal trainers exist, to help with creation of calorie deficits by plotting an appropriate fat loss course, assessing the right amount of calories a person should be eating and from what sources. This is combined with a suitable, practical and safe exercise plan that when stuck to, works wonders and helps people to lose weight!

Personal trainers serve as an accountability asset as well, ensuring people have a guiding light, progress check and sounding board to help achieve their goals.

So, let’s make this really clear. In the early stages, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. You don’t need fancy nutritional strategies to do this. You don’t need a guru with a top secret plan. You just need to eat fewer calories in a sustainable way. Keep that up and you’ll lose weight. It’s a scientific certainty.


Stop looking for answers where they don’t exist!

…If you are still over-consuming calories, carb manipulation and timing isn’t going to work.

…If your consumption of calories is too high, your macro split is irrelevant.

…Your well-researched supplement stack isn’t going to help you if you eat too much food.

…Your thoughts on LISS vs HIIT don’t matter if you’re eating too many calories.

…Measuring your HRV, CRP or V02 Max is worthless if you still eat too much food.

Has the point hit home yet?

Now, onto some practical help…

Here are 11 simple ways to lower your daily calorie intake and ultimately lose weight.

  • Try eating a salad two-three evenings per week.
  • Eat plenty of quality protein (ideally meat-based) – it’ll fill you up.
  • Have soups for lunch. They’re typically less than 400 calories, but filling.
  • Only have dessert at weekends.
  • Keep alcohol to one night per week.
  • Exercise 3-5 times per week.
  • Only drink water at work instead of sugary soft drinks.
  • Download an app such as MyFitnessPal and keep a track your calorie intake.
  • Walk 30 minutes per day.
  • Snack less.
  • Fill half of every plate with vegetables.

Pretty much everyone can manage at least some of the tips listed above. They’ll help you lose weight, I promise.

Don’t think of weight loss as a complicated thing. It’s simple – you just have to keep yourself accountable, or make yourself accountable to another person such as a personal trainer.

You can do it.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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