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Excellent FREE Weight Loss Infographic

Excellent FREE Weight Loss Infographic

They’ve done it again – the team at Precision Nutrition at released an excellent, free, weight loss infographic. The image gives a roadmap that outlines what you would need to do from an exercise and diet point of view to achieve a particular body type.

So many people are confused because rather than take a simple, birds-eye view of their nutrition and weight loss strategy, focussing on basic principles, they take a micro-approach, looking meal by meal and wondering how individual meals fit into a programme. The problem with this is it leads to stress – one bad meal can cause feelings of guilt and lead them to eating badly all day/week because they believe the one meal has rendered all of their good work useless.

Of course if you approach your weight loss a little more sensibly, you’d realise one bad meal doesn’t ruin a whole week of eating well!

The weight loss infographic shows you the essentials – a basic outline of the foods you’d need to eat and the frequency of the exercise you’d need to do in order to achieve the kinds of bodies in the image.

It ISN’T a individualised approach and it doesn’t go into much exercise detail, but stick to the broader message here and I’m sure you would see some weight and fat loss, never mind health and performance improvements.

Weight Loss Infographic

weight loss infographicI’m a huge fan of John Berardi, I love how his approach to nutrition focusses on behaviours and habits rather than individual meals. More importantly, his work takes a different look at the individual – he was the first (as far as I know) of the big-name nutritionists to stop making people who are struggling to lose weight feel like shit for making bad choices and instead coach them from a behaviour change standpoint.

His work made me change my approach – it made me start to look at teaching my personal training clients to view their eating and lifestyle as an overall approach, making sure they followed certain principles, rather than stressing out about individual meals and meal choices.

It works!

Oh by the way, if you want to check out some of Dr Berardi’s other work, have a look at his author page on Amazon here.

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