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How Your Thoughts Adapt To A Life Of Fitness


Following a fitness journey is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When we think of ‘getting fit’ we think of our waistline getting smaller, our bodies looking better, perhaps our chances of disease going down. We think of our comfort levels increasing, our sleep getting better, and perhaps our confidence going up. But fitness is much, much more than this. Not only does it improve virtually every factor of health you can imagine and measure, but it transforms you into a different, better, person.

Fitness is as much an improvement of your mind and emotional core as it is your physical body. This is because these three elements of your being are not disconnected, but they form the cohesive whole that is you. On our website we have a range of helpful guides and advice about why and how you should get in shape – but we also wish to discuss how your thoughts and outlook will help you adapt to a life of fitness. Not matter if you use weights, excellent cardio equipment or a sport to further your personal fitness journey, the principles here are the same.

Please consider:

The Workout Crest

There comes a point in the middle of any workout where things feel less difficult than they might have. This is when your body is ready and is being conditioned by the current exercise it’s doing. For example, this is often considered to be ‘a runners high,’ but you can also feel it no matter if you’re cycling, enjoying a sport, swimming, lifting weights, and experiencing a range of other physical activity. This ‘workout crest’ can feel amazing once you get to it, but you have to work hard to get there. Once you do, the rest of the workout can feel like going through the motions, and at that point you feel much more like you’re riding the ‘crest.’

From here, as you leave the place in which you work out, you’ll likely feel amazing. This is true no matter what time of day you work out. You’ll come home or go to work, and feel thankful that you made the effort. However, the next day comes around. You feel a little sluggish. Perhaps you didn’t sleep so well last night or struggled to get through the day at work. You head to the gym, but your motivation is shot, and you’re not sure how to proceed. Even high-level bodybuilders and athletes can feel this way. But one thing they use, aside from discipline, to motivate their progress, is to consider the workout crest. They know that if they just keep trying, soon they will be back to feeling fantastic on account of the exercise. This is a healthy way to do things, and it can make you feel much better in yourself.


Setting up a routine can be a great idea. Heading to the gym in the morning before work and giving yourself enough time to do so can feel liberating when you come back to yourself. From there, you might realise that despite building a healthy routine, you are starting to feel a little bored. This is when you’ll realise that fitness should not be a boring and grim duty. It should be something you partake in because you love the activity.

If you’re starting to hate running, try swimming. If you hate that, try using a crosstrainer. Try cycling. Try lifting weights. Try one of many sports. You can always choose something anew to feel better in yourself and more comfortable in your body. Over time, you’ll find something you love. It’s bound to happen. This is when you’ll stop ‘exercising,’ and start training. This is a much different activity, and one that is sure to lend you a favorable approach on your physical fitness.

The First Time You See Results

The first time you see results is a major, major victory. You might see inches lost from your waist, or perhaps a little more muscle on your chest. Perhaps you simply feel better in the morning when waking up. Perhaps you’re a little less quick to anger. Fitness results are not something you should just ignore – you should celebrate them. You should be enjoying yourself and your approach to fitness. You should take pride in the victories. You should realise that mistakes and failings are just steps to a better purpose. The more you keep this necessary thought process in mind, the better you will feel.


Because fitness results are so built on momentum, it’s not uncommon to feel better in yourself when you start to make progress. When you do, you’ll realise that excuses can always harm you, no matter what they’re for. It might be that you’ll naturally start avoiding an after-meal desert because it’s simply unneeded. You won’t be afraid to turn down some food when it would go against your fitness plan. You won’t be afraid to calculate calories. All of this will be natural, because to go against your effort in the gym is to dishonour your past and future selves.

But of course, this sounds quite intense. However, you’ll realise that in the line of fitness, you’ll notice yourself making healthier choices for yourself. If it’s raining outside, you might still go for that run, or head to the gym to use the treadmill. If you feel a little tired, you might decide to go to the gym to perk up rather than feel pity for yourself and overeat. Of course, we’re not saying that slip ups from time to time make you a bad person at all. It’s not our place to judge you, for better or for worse. We’re simply suggesting that over time, your pride will increase, and you’ll feel more comfortable in your efforts, and to this extent, you’ll be more honest with yourself.

With this in mind, you’re sure to correctly adapt to a life of fitness.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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