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Look Good, Train Good, Feel Good With The Sports Edit

When I first started training in gyms about 20 years ago, the idea of ‘athleisure’ wasn’t even a thing – there was a clear line between what you wore in the gym and what you wore out and about. Thanks to The Sports Edit, I’ve found clothes that work in both.

Originally, active wear wasn’t cool, it wasn’t stylish and it certainly wasn’t anything you took any time over choosing – in many cases, your gym top was merely an old t-shirt. Your shorts were the only ones you owned that weren’t completely ripped. Your trainers weren’t replaced until they fell apart!

Things have changed now. I mean seriously changed. As our world and our time becomes much more fluid, our personalities much more public (I’m looking at you, Instagram), people are looking for a solution that means their gym clothing doesn’t just have to perform well, but it has to look great too.

I’m a perfect example. I wear two hats professionally – I’m a personal trainer, but I’m also a fitness copywriter. I write about fitness trends, training methods, nutrition, supplements, fitness holidays etc etc.

What this means is that I may spend some of my time working in coffee shops, my home office, client offices and the rest of my working day in the gym. I don’t want to have to get changed multiple times per day, so it’s handy if I can wear clothing that fits both worlds. Thanks to The Sports Edit, I’ve found a whole load of clothes that work in both.

The Sports Edit – My Personal Favourite Items

This is the Adidas Z.N.E. Run Jacket in Legend Ink. It’s a light weight but classy jacket and is ideal for the spring and summer mornings where it’s cooler, but not coat weather. I wear it also when I’m personal training clients outside – it’s light enough to run in, but warm enough to keep me insulated. I absolutely love it and have had a lot of compliments since I’ve been wearing it!

the sports edit

I’m generally not much of a jogging bottoms wearer, but in the spring mornings and evening, it can be pretty nippy. These stylish Under Armour Unstoppable Jogging pants are perfect for my training sessions when it’s not quite warm enough to be comfortable in shorts for a long period of time. They keep you toasty in the cold but offer the flexibility that allows you to train.

the sports edit

The final item I’ve been wearing a lot recently are these Adidas Supernova Pure Parley Shorts, again in legend ink. I don’t just see shorts as fashion – I see them as equipment. My main lifting sport is Olympic Weightlifting and that requires a lot of lower body movement. I need shorts to be light weight and flexible – these are perfect for that.

the sports edit

As I mentioned before, fitness clothing can’t just look good – it has to perform well. Here’s me weight lifting in the Adidas Supernova Pure Parley Shorts – they’ve got a great flex to the material and what’s more, there perfectly suited to both the gym and pool, so if you fancy a post training swim, there’s no need to take a second pair of shorts!

The days of turning up to the gym in your scruffs are largely a thing of the past now. With your gym clothes it’s a case of if you look good, you’ll feel good. If you feel good, your training will be good.

Take a look at The Sports Edit and you’ll be spoiled for choice when ti comes to top quality fitness and training fashion from a wide range of top brands.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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