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How to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Everyday Life

man sitting and playing with drums near sea

Do you feel like between going to work, doing household chores, and having a social life, you barely have time to make it to the gym? It definitely feels like that for most of us sometimes. But what if you didn’t actually need to drive to the gym or strap on your running shoes to get your weekly exercise in?

In this article, we’re going to break down how you can fit exercise into your everyday life – from your commute to combining it with other hobbies. After reading this, you’ll never have an excuse for not meeting your weekly workout goal again!

1) Hobby Fitness 

For people who begrudge going to the gym, there are hundreds of other ways you can do exercise in your own home or while out doing other hobbies.

Did you know that many musical instruments have amazing health and fitness benefits? It should come as no surprise that drummers need amazing upper body strength and energy levels to keep up their hard-hitting playing. If you’re a drummer, encourage yourself to get into some sweaty drumming practice sessions by treating yourself to some new kit – check out this best drum head review 2019 from Drum Center of Portsmouth, or buy that cymbal you’ve been lusting after.

If fishing is more your idea of a hobby, challenge yourself to go the extra mile. Rather than sit on the river bank with your rod, try something a bit more high-energy like paddle board fishing. When standing on the board in the water, your core muscles are fully engaged, and it’s much more of a full-body workout than you’d think.

Even artists can squeeze some fitness training into their work. Rather than sitting down to draw or paint, consider working on a standing easel. Better yet, work on large canvasses or even walls. This can involve using a step ladder and working at different levels. After a few hours of working your magic, you’ll be exhausted from all the running around, and will have burned off hundreds of calories in the process.

2) Commute Exercises 

Get bored on your commute every day? Us too. What if you could use that time to build strength and work towards your weight loss goals?

Consider these ways of turning your route to work or school into a workout:

  • Walk: We know – walking can be a drag, especially if you have a car. It can be really tempting not to use it! But, if you can walk somewhere in 30 minutes or less, you should consider that over driving. As well as getting you moving, a brisk walk in the morning means you’ll get to your destination alert and ready for the day.
  • Cycle: How about getting a bicycle? Cycling burns off even more calories than walking, especially if there’s any hills to climb on your way to work or school. It’s also a much more eco-friendly transport method than driving.
  • Train or bus: Public transport is a bit more tricky to start working out on, but hear us out! No need to break into lunges. Simply choosing to stand and hold on to the handrails on trains or buses over sitting means you’re burning off calories during your journey. This engages your core muscles and improves strength.

3) Get Fit At Your Desk

If you work a desk job, you probably feel like you could get more exercise. After all, sitting down doesn’t get you breaking a sweat.

Luckily, there are plenty of small ways you can exercise at your desk without drawing too much attention to yourself. Here are a couple:

  • Standing desks: Firstly, consider getting a standing desk. This prevents you sitting down all day and gets your blood moving around your body a lot better. It will also improve your posture and can help ease back or neck pain.
  • Take frequent breaks: Get away from your screen for a short ten-minute break every few hours. Do some stretches, run up or down the stairs in your office block, or take a stroll down the street and back. Not only will this stop you from being sedentary all day, but will make you more attentive when you get back to work.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas about how to get some exercise in your everyday life. Get brainstorming how to fit mini workout breaks into your day!

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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