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6 Workouts to Try Today to lift You off the Couch

Many of us want to get fit, lose weight and achieve certain fitness goals. It doesn’t matter if you do it through fitness classes, strength training, functional training or on an indoor climbing wall. 

However, if your approach to training is waning and your desire for exercise is low, it may be time to shake up the type of training that you normally do. Here are 6 styles you may not have tried to get you motivated and get you moving again.

Aerial Fitness

Many exercise studios know how great it is to train in the air. Silks or tissu, lyra, pole, trapeze and straps are just some of the truly hardcore classes that you can try. Expect periods of high-intensity interval training as you lift your body mass in the air and work on lengthening and strengthening the body all over.


A boxing class is great to release tension, build strength and add cardio. Your boxing skills are irrelevant if you simply do it for fitness, take a bit of time to learn some basics and head to a good boxing session to get your sweat on.


For the uninitiated – it’s not a cult! But Pilates people really do love their workout style. It’s a series of body-weight exercises that can be performed on the mat on a range of equipment such as reformers or a trapeze table. You can do Pilates as class group fitness or one-on-one, and is great for any health condition or injuries due to the amount of progressions and regressions available.

Bootcamp-Style Workouts

It could be beach-side in a park or in a gym, but boot camp works. Not all have an instructor that will yell at you, but they will keep you moving and put a stop to any procrasti-training. Most boot camps use a range of body-weight and functional fitness exercises and often weights like bands, kettlebells and other props.


Back to basics and add some weight. Powerlifting mainly uses three movements: the squat, deadlift and bench press. In doing these, you try to lift as much weight as possible. It’s great for gains and building the big global muscles that help you move, stabilise and generally live in an improved biomechanical posture. If you don’t lift – don’t be scared, a good trainer will ease you in and get your technique right for safety.

Underwater running

Perhaps the most quirky of all. But underwater running is what you may have guessed – trying to run in a body of water. Styles and classes vary from aqua jogging, deep water running or a subset that involves an underwater bike. Low impact and superb cross-training benefits.

Although COVID-19 restrictions led to the temporary closure of many a Melbourne gym, in 2021 they are back and getting sweaty with your personal trainer on the gym floor is allowed once again. So what are you waiting for? Take a chance and try something new. Warning: many of these exercises styles are highly addictive!

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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