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6 Tips to Save Your Skin from Post-Workout Acne

Many people may experience breakouts after hitting the gym. Though it may seem illogical to get acne after working out since working out is healthy, this problem is quite common. If you’re using a lot of gym equipment or the yoga matts that they have available, you’re exposing yourself to other people’s sweat and plenty of bacteria which makes you susceptible to acne. In order to protect your skin from unwanted spots, read on.

Go to gym makeup free

One of the best things you can do to protect your skin from breaking out is to take off your makeup before engaging in a tough workout. When we exercise we sweat and our pores become open which is like an open invitation for all that sweat, makeup and dirt to come in and clog them. Having clogged pores results in acne. If you remove your makeup beforehand and clean your face thoroughly you are minimizing the amount of dirt which can enter your pores.

Wash your face after working out

Now that you’ve gone to the gym clean-faced, you need to exit it likewise. Invest in a good cleanser that will help you maintain a fresh face. Washing the sweat and the bacteria off your face as soon as you finish the workout will ensure that you stay acne free. Furthermore, if you want to deep clean your face use a hot towel for acne. The heat from the towel will open up your pores allowing your cleanser to have a maximum efficiency.

Wipe down the equipment you use

Some people already do this but this is so easy to forget when you’re running on the workout high. As previously mentioned, workout gear is the bacteria’s favourite place to hang out, so make sure to wipe it down with the disinfectant provided by your gym before you use it. Doing this is especially important if you plan on putting your face on the communally used equipment such as yoga matts. However, the disinfectant will probably not kill all of the bacteria on there but it will be enough to prevent you from breaking out.

Don’t shower with hot water

After the workout showering feels like the best thing in the world, whether you shower at the gym or right when you get home. However, pay attention to the water temperature when you shower. Using water that is too hot may be detrimental to your skin. Hot water tends to dry the skin out and acne loves to attack dry, flaky skin. Instead, have your post-workout shower with lukewarm or slightly colder water to ensure that you don’t get back acne.

Use sunscreen

If you are a type of gym rat who loves to exercise outdoors, don’t forget to apply sunscreen both on your face and body. Being exposed to sunlight is very drying to the skin which in order to compensate creates more oil leading to it being more acne prone. When choosing an appropriate sunscreen for working out keep in mind that it needs to be waterproof assuming you will be sweating a lot. Another thing to look for is sunscreen that has “non-comedogenic” written on it which means that it has been formulated so as not to clog your pores.

Visit a dermatologist

If you’ve followed all of the aforementioned precautionary measures and you have still gotten acne after working out you should probably visit a dermatologist. There might be another reason for your breaking out other than your love for the gym. The dermatologist will walk you through any possible treatments such as special creams or even diet changes. 

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