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The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book – Available NOW!

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book is a way for you to experience some of the workouts my personal training clients and I do. These are the workouts we do in training sessions and have been put into one simple book for you to follow yourself.

I wrote the Ultimate HIIT Workout Book because nothing like it existed before. I was looking for a no-fuss, no-fluff guidebook that I could pass on to clients.

I couldn’t find one.

I found lots of HIIT workout books, but they were over-wordy and spent a long time telling me all about HIIT and why it was a good idea that I did it. I wasn’t looking for that; it was preaching to the converted. I just wanted a simple book with workouts in that my personal training clients could pick up and follow.

It didn’t exist, so I wrote it myself.

I wanted a book that was pretty much an out-and-out workout book. A book where the reader is to be able to open the book and make a choice about the workout they were going to do that day, without having to wade through hundreds of pages of boring scientific text.

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

With those things in mind, I wrote a book where the workouts were easy to follow, easy to scale in intensity to suit varying fitness levels, easy to do with little equipment (and in lots of cases, no equipment at all) and finally, were really effective.

Next came the testing phase…

I personally performed every single workout in the book over a 3 month period, so I know how they felt and could tweak what needed to be tweaked.

Once I’d made the first round of changes, I started to use them on my personal training clients, so they would experience the workouts. It also gave me a chance to see how other people coped with the training, which would give me an idea of how the end user would cope.

After that, there were a few minor tweaks and changes that needed to be implemented.

The final round of testing was the giveaway – I gave the book to 10 blog subscribers for free, with the deal being they did 10 workouts (they could pick the 10) and then they gave me their feedback. It was overwhelmingly positive, so I felt confident I could push on with the project!

What’s in the Ulitmate HIIT Workout Book?

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book contains 52 workouts using different types of training kit…

  • Tyres
  • Kettlebells
  • Rowing Machines
  • Barbells
  • Sprint

With so much variety you’ll be able to use this book for a very, very long time and still not run out of challenges. The book in its entirety could be your training diary for a whole year or more, with the workouts employed on a random rotation.

hiit tyre workout, HIIT workouts

The Ultimate HIIT Workout book is scaled in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or have been training for years and have a good level of fitness – I give guidance on how to make the workout harder or easier and provide information on what a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee should be aiming to complete.

All of the workouts have been tried and tested by me and my personal training clients, so I know they work – both personally and professionally. Every single workout that made it into the Ultimate HIIT Workout book has been performed at least twice – most of them many more times than that!

The Ultimate HIIT Workout book has been written to purposely include workouts which can be outside of the gym – the sprint workouts can be done without kit. The tyre workouts are done with tyres that can be picked up for free from your local tyre yard.

I’ve seen what else is out there on the market and I’m confident that the Ultimate HIIT Workout book is a better resource. Naming no names, in my research I bought a few high profile training ebooks and I couldn’t believe how poor quality the information and training was – especially when you consider the price tag of over £30/$40!

I’ve deliberately priced the Ultimate HIIT Workout Book low. It’s to share this kind of information and show the public the kind of training my personal training clients and I do.

The price is only £3.99 in the UK, $3.99 in the USA, $5.99 in Australia and €4.99 in the Eurozone countries.

I have another couple of books at differing stages of completion and they will form a series that will be a top-quality training resource that will contain all of the information you need to dramatically transform your physique and fitness, no matter what your starting point is!

You can buy the Ultimate HIIT Workout Book here.

Once you buy the book, it’ll be available on your phone or iPad and you can get started on the workouts immediately, making strides in your health and fitness.

It’s been designed in full colour and the great thing about the iBooks app is that the books look great on any screen size, so you can keep your phone handy in the gym and follow the workout information quickly and easily on the go.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the book and how the workouts have been for you!

In the meantime, if you subscribe to the Hoyles Fitness mailing list you’ll receive a free eBook containing 101 Health and Fitness Tips, plus offers and news exclusive to Hoyles Fitness subscribers. Click the image below to download…

free health and fitness ebook

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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