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The Signature Programme – The Best Fitness Training in Stockport

The Signature Programme – The Best Fitness Training in Stockport

I’ve created a new fitness project with a friend of mine in Stockport. It’s called the Signature Programme and it’s health, fitness and nutrition programme unlike anything else available.

What is the Signature Programme?

It’s over 20 years of fitness, nutrition and personal training experience packaged into a semi-private training model.

Alongside my friend John Preston we have launched a training and nutrition group designed to challenge you, change your thinking around exercise and diet and provide top quality training in a private facility.

What does semi-private training mean?

It means you’ll be training in small groups in a private setting. You’ll benefit from a lot of attention from the trainer, you’ll have your workouts programmed for you and you’ll have easy access to all the kit you’ll need.

You’ll also have the group support from like-minded people who are working alongside you to achieve their own personal fitness goals.

Furthermore, you’ll be included in our online programme and the Facebook groups, meaning you’ll be kept aware and up to date with all of the goings on with the signature programme.

Where does the signature programme take place?

It’s in a private gym – not a fluffy towels kind of place. We exercise properly in a supportive environment where judgment doesn’t exist. Our aim is to help you achieve what you couldn’t before and have fun in the process.

Unit 14 Offerton Industrial Estate,
Hempshaw Lane,

It’s a hard working but friendly environment, where you’ll exercise in a way that you just wouldn’t be able to in a commercial gym. You want 20m of turf to sprint on or push a prowler?

You can…

The Signature Programme

Don’t want to spend half of your gym time waiting around for kit to become free?

You won’t have to. We’ve got a lot of kit, all ready and waiting to go. This isn’t a facility open to the public – it’s open to our members only, meaning class sizes are limited and there’s always equipment available.

This is a semi-private training model. Your results matter to us, so you aren’t just a number – you’re a member of a community. We’re here to help you, to coach you – not just pass you a badly-written gym programme and leave you get on with it!

What during a signature programme session?

Our sessions follow a pattern – warm up, followed by a mixture of strength and conditioning exercises and circuits designed to help you burn fat, improve your strength and achieve the fitness goals you’ve always wanted to achieve but never could.

You will be exercising under supervision, meaning you’ll not only be exercising safely, but you’ll be learning as you go – understanding not only what you are doing in the gym and with your nutrition, but why.

The Signature Programme is proven successful. John and I have a combined 20+ years in the fitness industry, working with thousands of people. We’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t and have put together a health and fitness programme without the fluff.

No wasted workouts, no fad diets, no bad advice. Just simple, practical exercise and nutrition guidance that will help you achieve the body of your dreams.

The Signature Programme is unlike anything else you’ve tried – we’re combining our practical skills with an online support package that is second to none. Our members-only website and social media support groups mean that we’re available to help even when we’re not with you!

You’ll also benefit from the following…

Your FREE copy of my Ultimate HIIT Workout Book – 52 workouts personally written, tried and tested by myself.

The Signature Programme

You’ll also receive 7 (yes, seven!) calorie-counted cook books to give you all of the kitchen inspiration you need!

The Signature Programme

You’ll be supported throughout your fitness journey. From the moment you sign up, to the second you set foot in the gym and far beyond that. It’s our job to make sure you feel supported and encouraged in an environment that helps you towards your fitness goals.

We’re offering a kind of training you just can’t do in a commercial gym and a level of support that nobody else can match. On the Signature Programme, you’re a member of a community. Not just a body.

How much does the Signature Programme cost?

The Signature Programme costs £98 per month. For that fee you will train in the private facility with a personal trainer three times per week, will have access to the Facebook group, email support and receive our 7 calorie-counted meal plans.

Broken down, the £98 per month means each training session costs only £7! You won’t find coaching of this quality, in a private facility for that price anywhere else!

Follow the Signature Programme properly and it’ll be the best health and fitness decision you’ll ever make!

To sign up to the Signature Programme, click here and take the first step towards the body you’ve always wanted…

Still thinking about it? That’s fine – take your time, consider the offer and go from there. We’re here and ready to help you. Join the other people who are working hard to improve their health and fitness using the Signature Programme.

In the meantime, if you subscribe to the Hoyles Fitness mailing list you’ll receive a free eBook containing 101 Health and Fitness Tips, plus offers and news exclusive to Hoyles Fitness subscribers. Click the image below to download…

free health and fitness ebook

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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