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The ABC Programme – Change Your Experience of Training…

The ABC Programme – Change Your Experience of Training

Starting today, the doors (metaphorical, this is the t’interweb after all) to the ABC Programme are open!

The ABC Programme

ABC Programme

I’ve wanted to offer this service for a while and the pieces have fallen into place now. I’ve found the right software, the right approach and the right support.

I’m really proud of this programme – there are lots of others out there, but none with anything near the level of effort or detail that goes into this one.

I programme every single workout myself. If there are exercises I want to include but aren’t in the database, I film them myself! I’m not cutting corners to make my life easy, I’m delivering a product I’m happy with.

Any of you who have downloaded my free eBook or have bought the HIIT Book know the quality of the products I offer. This is no different.

Having tested a lot of online products during my market research, I can confidently say mine is better!

So, if you think you have what it takes to drop unwanted lbs, improve your strength and general health, all in a genuinely supportive environment, read on…

Here is what the ABC programme will give you:

 Weekly workouts delivered to your inbox, complete with supporting notes – I don’t just tell you the workout, I provide instructions.

 Train how professionals train – this isn’t a ‘3×10 bicep curls’ programme – these are real, effective and body-changing exercise.

 An interactive platform for the training – you’ll see videos of every exercise so you’ll never be confused.

 Progress platform – you can upload your photographs and stats to the software, keeping track of your results.

 A training plan that challenges all areas of your fitness, making you truly fit, not just great at one thing. We cover strength, fat loss, cardio, muscle building, power, technique, flexibility etc.

 Suitable for all ability levels – the workouts are scaled so suit the unfit or athletes alike.

 Phone access to everything – you’ll be able to view the workouts on your phone in the gym.

 Contact with me via email and Skype.

 Monthly fee of £49.99 – less than £2 per day!

As a thank you for signing up, I’ve even thrown in a copy of my Ultimate HIIT Workout Book in for free. This usually costs £9.99!

Who is the ABC Programme Suitable For?

To start with, you’ll need to have a degree of exercise experience – if you’re not used to the gym, this will be a pretty big step up in experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not fit at the moment (the workouts are scaled to suit fitness levels), but it does matter if you’ve never even seen a barbell!

You’ll also need access to a gym, whether that’s home or commercial. You just won’t get the most out of the programme if you don’t have a barbell or kettlebells to hand.

Finally, you’ll need a willingness to sweat! If your idea of exercise is a weekly Zumba class, this isn’t the programme for you!

ABC Programme Structure

The ABC Programme is an online training club. I provide the workout programmes and guidelines. You just do the work. If you’re looking for new training ideas, more structure to your training or even someone to show you exactly what to do, this is perfect for you.

You’ll be supported through your training with emails and Skype conversations. To me, online doesn’t mean remote and neglected. You’re part of my group, I want you to do well.

I follow the workouts too – if they weren’t good enough, they wouldn’t be published.


Don’t let another year go by where you don’t get into the kind of shape you promised yourself you would.

If you have ANY questions about the programme, feel free to get in touch by commenting under this post.

The link again is here…

The ABC Programme

Hope to see you in there!

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