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The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

Your chance to get to hold of the Ultimate HIIT Workout Book. A book that contains 52 tried and tested, fat burning, muscle building workouts. Take the confusion and thinking out of your fat loss training with this fantastic resource.

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The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is arguably THE most effective form of cardio there is. It takes a fraction of the time, is a hell of a lot more fun and has way more variety than your usual boring, non-effective cardio.

As a personal trainer, one of my favourite and most-used exercise approaches is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Put simply, HIIT is periods of high intensity exercise interspersed with periods of rest.
You can use HIIT for all kinds of goals – fat loss, muscle building, stamina building and power building.
I wrote the Ultimate HIIT Workout Book as a guide for you guys so you can do the workouts too. You can enjoy the incredible benefits that a regular HIIT workout will have on your health, fitness and physique.
Every single one of these workouts has been written and tested by me. They’ve also been tested on my personal training clients, so I know they work!

Why HIIT Over ‘Normal’ Cardio?

One of the criticisms of ‘traditional’ cardio is that it takes too long and isn’t very effective – in fact there are a lot of people who won’t do traditional cardio in fear of losing their hard-earned muscle.
One of the (many) benefits of HIIT is that those fears are banished – the nature of HIIT means you can have the whole workout done in less than 10 minutes and actually grow muscle, rather than lose it.
more exercises doesn't mean more strength, avoid injury whilst strength training
The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book is written as a no fuss, no fluff workout guide. It contains 52 HIIT workouts using Barbells, Kettlebells, Tyres, Rowing Machines and Sprints.
The descriptions are simple and straight to the point – you won’t be left guessing what you need to do. There is also a handy equipment guide at the beginning of each workout, so you’ll know exactly the kit you’ll need for it.
Each workout is scaled to suit any ability, meaning you’ll be able to follow them regardless of your fitness level. This book can take you from absolute beginner to seasoned pro – the book explains how to make the workouts harder as you improve your fitness level.
The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book
I’ve written every single one of these workouts myself and I’ve tested them all either personally or with my personal training clients.
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They’re tried, tested and most importantly, effective. With hundreds of personal training clients, group exercise clients and blog readers trying these workouts, there’s no doubting their effectiveness!

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book is available from our store for the bargain price of £9.99.

What to Expect From The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

The book is split into sections for different types of HIIT workout, using different kit. The reasons for this are simple…

  1. More variety in your workouts – builds a more all-round fitness.
  2. Suitable for different environments where you do/don’t have particular kit.
  3. Prevents boredom in your workouts.

In each section there is a short explanation of the workout – the kit you’ll need and a quick how-to guide. If required, there are also diagrams.
The workout explanations are idiot-proof and to the point. The book is designed so that it’s really accessible on your phone, so you can take it with you wherever you train and read the workouts there, so I didn’t want it to be text heavy.
The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book: FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER!

If you’re interested in the book and would like to try before you buy, why not take a look at a sample chapter? Here’s the rowing machine guide for you – all for free.
This section contains 10, easy to follow but fantastically effective rowing machine workouts. They’re quick, simple and when done properly, really effective!
Just click the link to download…
FREE SAMPLE: The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book – Rowing Machine Sample

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book Review

I gave out review copies to personal trainers and fitness bloggers – this is a text that one of them sent directly to me, before he even put the review online…
The Ultimate HIIT Workout Guide
Timea Jones also liked it…
The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book
I could go on with the reviews, but you get the point by now!

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book in Summary

Why should you buy a copy of the HIIT Workout Book?
In summary, it’s a book that takes the thinking out of training by planning the HIIT workouts for you.
With the sheer amount of workouts in there, plus the variety of kit you’ve got plenty of training in the book. You’ll certainly not run out of workouts or variety any time soon!
It’s a super-effective way of training and the health boost gained from regular HIIT workouts, not to mention the calorie-burn will really help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.
It’s also a really accessible book – it’s not text heavy, it looks great on your phone and can be taken with you into the gym, meaning you can have the book with you when you need it.
Finally, you’ve got ongoing support! If you don’t understand anything in the book or need anything explained, just give me a shout – I always respond to emails!
52 workouts complete with detailed instruction…It’s a book that will take you from fat to fit in a really short space of time…
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