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Your Weight Loss is as Successful as Your Meal Prepping…

Your Weight Loss is as Successful as Meal Prepping…

As a personal trainer, I’ve helped people to lose weight for over 10 years. With a data set that large, you begin to see patterns; patterns of success and failure. Meal prepping can set you on a path to success – let me show you how.

One of the most reasons people fail to lose weight is because they lack any form of planning when it comes to their meals. If you don’t plan, you leave yourself exposed to potentially bad choices at meal times.

That, amigo, is how diets fail. Bad choices, too often.

meal prepping

When it comes to planning your diet, the most successful way I have found is meal prepping.

Essentially you batch-cook numerous meals in advance so you have a healthy meal ready when you need it. It makes life easier and means you always have a healthy option at meal times.

Sounds simple. Obvious even.

It’s both, and that’s what makes it so effective.

With meal prepping, you can take total control of everything – the calorie content, the fat content, the protein content, the carb content – everything. You can base your cooking around your workout schedule, you can track your macros if that’s what you do, you can set your meals for training/non-training days.

It also forces you to improve your food quality. By prior-cooking your meals, there’s a good chance you’re going to be using healthy ingredients, which goes without saying will be better for both your waistline and your health.

meal prepping

You’ll save yourself a lot of time over the week as well. With a significant portion of your cooking time already done, your kitchen workload is significantly lighter the rest of the time.

You know that feeling when you get home from work, it’s late, you can’t be arsed cooking? Well that doesn’t exist with meal prepping because it’s already done for you. A healthy meal is as easy as putting something in the microwave to heat up again.

If you recognise this in yourself, take the time to do some meal prepping and you’ll help your diet no end.

I wrote an article a while back about a meal prepping session I did with one of my personal training clients. It explains what we did, why we did it and how we did it. Take a look….

Meal Prepping Tips

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a Tim Ferriss fan. One of his podcast guests, Jocko Willink, talks about how he believes that discipline = freedom. I agree with this completely, and meal prepping is a perfect example.

By having the discipline to do a session of meal prepping, you’ve then got multiple healthy meals in one go. You will be free from the need to cook multiple times per week. You’ll be free from the ‘what should I eat tonight?’ decision, you’ll be free to enjoy more downtime of an evening, rather than spending a significant chunk of it cooking.

Spend that time preparing your meals and you’ll eat better quality food, you’ll spend less time cooking and you won’t be caught out without something to eat.

Here’s an example of some meal prepping I did. In this little lot below I have 4 x vegetable soups, 2 portions of lamb Biryani, 2 portions of beef risotto, 2 portions of mashed potato and 4 portions of beef bolognese – a total of 12 portions of food I don’t have to cook at a later date. Total time invested? 90 minutes!

meal prepping

Meal prepping is a brilliant tool for those who lack discipline to stick to a diet.

If you prepare 3 meals and you have calculated the calorie content of each, you can make sure they are the correct amount of calories for the day. Eat those meals and NOTHING MORE!

Keep that up and you’ve got your weight loss plan sorted in a relatively effortless way.

To make meal prepping really easy, you could do with investing in kitchen gadgets. I like these because they make bulk-cooking so much easier…

Give meal prepping a try and see how it can make your life so much easier and make sticking to a nutrition plan a doddle!

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