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ZeroWater Filter 12 Cup Review

ZeroWater Filter Review

Water. It’s one of those things I don’t really think about or pay a great deal of attention to – I just drink it. Beyond that, I can’t say it occupies that much of my brain space. That changed recently though, when I was given a ZeroWater Filter to review.

ZeroWater Filter Review

Water filtration is nothing new, but the reason this product interested me is the convenience of it – there’s no need to attach fiddly filters to your pipes and plumbing etc, it’s just a case of filling up a jug and letting it filter through. Easy!

The 5 step filtration process was another point of interest to me – was it a gimmick or would it work? It logically makes sense – five stages of filtration are theoretically better than two. There’s also a claim that it leaves behind zero dissolved solids.

So far, so good…

Water Filtration – Why?

According to the information provided with the ZeroWater filter, our water contains varying degrees of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which is a measure of it’s purity.

TDS ranges between 000 and 401+ parts per million (PPM), with a range of 051-200 being an acceptable level of contaminants in the US and Europe. Most of the water in the developed world will fall within this range.

There are examples of naturally occurring water with a TDS range of 002-050, but this is relatively rare.

I live in Cheshire village around 10 miles south of Manchester. I tested our water with the TDS digital meter which is included with the ZeroWater filter and it scored a very respectable 90PPM, so at the lower end of the acceptable contaminant range…

ZeroWater Filter Review

I then passed the water through the filter and re-tested it. Here are the results…

ZeroWater Filter Review

I don’t like to over-exaggerate, but that’s pretty damn impressive! I’d have thought it would have gotten rid of most impurities, but all of them? Wow! OK, now I’m convinced!

By the way, I repeated the test a number of times on different days to confirm the results. They always came out basically the same. My tap water ranged from 88-91PPM and the filtered water was always 000PPM.

ZeroWater Filter Review

So we’ve established that the filter does what it promises – it filters water incredibly well. What about the product itself though?

ZeroWater Filter Review

The product I tested is a 2.8 litre capacity, so a day’s worth of water for most people. This is great for convenience, but if you like your water ice cold it’s a tad too big for most fridges, unless you do some creative shelf-changing! It doesn’t matter to me though because I’m not especially bothered about ice cold water.

There are two exit points for the water – theres a funnel at the front to pour the water out and a squeeze-tap at the back. Both work as expected, so not much to comment on there.

The colour is a nice blue-hued clear plastic and the handle is solid enough. The white plastic on top fits securely but is easy to remove when it comes to filling the jug again.

Overall, it’s a well-built, nice-looking bit of kit.

ZeroWater Filter Review Conclusion

I’ve had the ZeroWater Filter for a few weeks now and we’ve used it every day. It’s so simple to use, it looks good and it sits conveniently on our kitchen worktop. It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re in the market for a water filter, of course you could go down the route of attaching filters to your pipework, but it feels like a lot of hassle when you could simply pour water into a jug and drink it from there. It filters every bit as well and filters on the piping!

The ZeroWater Filter is available on their website – the product I tested is the 12 cup 2.8 litre version and costs £39.99. It’s also available on Amazon, along with the other products in the range.

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