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ShakeSphere Bottle Review

ShakeSphere Bottle Review

As any fitness enthusiast knows, a good mixing bottle is essential. Whether it’s for a pre or post workout drink or even a greens drink, a good mixing bottle makes life so much easier. I have a few bottles and was interested to try the new ShakeSphere to see if it lived up to the claims.

ShakeSphere review

The bottle itself looks cool – I have the matt black with the white logo. It’s a good size at 700ml. The rounded edges are functional (helps with the mixing process) and also adds a design feature. It certainly stands out compared to the other, regular shaped bottles.

The thinking behind the design is that the lack of corners and edges creates centrifugal force when the bottle is shaken. This force aids with the mixing process, meaning the protein powders are broken down by the water, removing the need for an agitator (the little hollow metal ball you find inside a shaker) or a mesh.

The lack of corners also makes it easier to clean, because no powders will get caught up in grooves.

ShakeSphere Build Quality

The ShakeSphere is well-made. It’s clearly a high grade plastic, the lid screws on well, making a really secure fit and there were absolutely no leaks, despite me shaking it around a lot to test it! From the plastic alone you know that this is a quality product.

The sliding cap works well, doesn’t allow leaks and if anything, is a little tight to slide across, but this is no bad thing. It’s going to live in a bag where it’s likely to be bashed around. If the cap was loose, you’d end up with your shake all over your gym kit!

ShakeSphere review

Does the ShakeSphere work?

For the most part, yes it does. Assuming you are using a good quality powder, the ShakeSphere will do the job well. If your powder is a little on the cheap side, it’ll need the agitator to break it up more.

I tried it with a few samples and the cheapest powders don’t break down very well in it. My higher-grade protein and greens drinks mixed easily though.

There’s also the issue of how much you fill it. I found that if I left an inch or two of gap at the top, it mixed much better than if I filled the bottle to the brim. I assume this is because it allows more space for the force to be created, but I’ll leave that to the scientists to confirm.

ShakeSphere Review Conclusion

The ShakeSphere looks cool, is well built and as long as you are using a decent quality brand of protein/pre-workout/greens drink, will work well for you. It’s a shame it’s not dishwasher safe (I’m a lazy washer-upper ever since I got a dishwasher), but if that doesn’t bother you, go right ahead.

The build quality is great, it’s robust and leak-proof as far as I can tell and it’s far superior to those nasty, cheap, plastic shaker bottles that companies flood the market with – the ones that break if they’re dropped and end up with leaky tops.

Where can I buy a ShakeSphere?

You can pick one up via their website at

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