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Use Glo for the Best Online Yoga

Benefits of Doing Yoga

As many know already, doing regular yoga has a plethora of benefits. In the physical realm, these include increased flexibility, strength, breathing, a balanced metabolism and so much more. Yoga can also be a great method for losing weight and improving your heart health. For athletes, yoga is an excellent way to increase athletic performance while also lowering the chance of injury. Mentally, the focused and meditative elements of yoga work well to reduce stress. Regular practice also encourages better focus and concentration. The effects of doing yoga listed here are just some of the many advantages of yoga.

Best Online Yoga for Busy People

If you don’t have the time to get to a dedicated yoga studio, or your town doesn’t have one, there are still many ways to do yoga. Online yoga classes and communities have become increasingly popular and can provide all the benefits of yoga, from the comfort of your own home. Online yoga has other advantages too, as it is often cheaper than traditional yoga studios and more convenient. Glo is one of the best online yoga providers; a thorough introduction to their variety of classes and programs will be discussed below. 

Types of Yoga

Glo has several different types of yoga to choose from. Beginner yoga introduces new yogis to the poses, flows and other key parts of a yoga practice. Yoga conditioning provides a fast paced and athletic yoga experience, oftentimes with a specific focus on cardiovascular training. Additionally, there several different, more focused yoga courses, divided by discipline. Beyond the best online yoga offered by Glo, there are Pilates and meditation classes offered as well. These are additional training types that share many of the benefits of regular yoga practice, as well as other facets of wellbeing. 

Yoga Styles

Glo offers classes in 16 different yoga disciplines and other styles of activity. These are as follows: Ashtanga Yoga, Audio Meditation, Beyond the Mat, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mat Pilates, Meditation, Partner Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Tao Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Conditioning. There are introductory classes of each category, as most users won’t initially know the differences between these different modes of exercise. These sections can be a great introduction to new yogis, helping them choose the disciplines that they want to focus on in the future. 

Pricing at Glo

A 15-day free trial is available at Glo for all new members. After this 15-day trial, Glo costs $18 monthly for unlimited access to all classes. In most cases, this is significantly cheaper than the monthly fee at a dedicated yoga studio. On top of this, Glo also offers specialized courses. These are purchased via a single transaction, ranging from $60 to $500. Courses do not require subscription, just as the subscription classes do not require a course purchase. 

Advanced Courses at Glo

After taking a few different types of classes at the best online yoga provider, Glo, users may want to delve into a more advanced course. Generally, these are broken up into several chapters. These are purchased separately from the general class subscription but can provide significant value to a more advanced user. The prices vary based on the teacher and the length of the course. Courses have video lessons, as well as assignments, quizzes and tests. Some courses are designed for those wishing to teach yoga, whereas others are dedicated to specific parts of the practice. Still others are designed to teach a healthy lifestyle, off the mat. Undoubtedly, there is a class for nearly everyone. 

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