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These Are the Signs of High Blood Sugar

Are you worried that your blood sugar might be running high but you’re not sure how to read the signs? 

More than 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes and the vast majority of them have no idea. This means that their blood sugar is frequently too high, but not quite high enough to be considered true diabetes (though they are at risk). 

If you don’t want to be one of those people (or if you’re worried that you are) you might want to know the signs of high blood sugar so you can start managing your sugar intake. 

Keep reading for some common symptoms of high blood sugar.

Frequent Thirst and Urination

These 2 go together because one lends itself to the other. When you have too much sugar, your kidneys try to filter it out of your body. This means that you’re going to find yourself using the restroom more often.

When you use the restroom more often, your body becomes dehydrated from all of the water being lost when the body is filtering the sugar. This creates a cycle of thirst and urination. When you’re thirsty, you drink too much. When you drink too much, you need to use the restroom more often, and so on. 


We all get tired from time to time, but if you’re feeling heavily fatigued with no obvious reasoning, you might have high blood sugar. 

Many people are familiar with the Thanksgiving nap phenomenon, where too much tryptophan makes you drowsy after your big meal. If you’re feeling this after many of your meals, you might be dealing with the result of high blood sugar. 

See this post for regulating sugar after meals. 

Blurry Vision

Blood sugar doesn’t just impact the expected organs in the body, it also impacts the eyes. 

Excess sugar can create a temporary film in the eye, causing a blur. This might seem like the blur that you experience when something is caught in your eye, or like a contact being in the wrong position, but if it happens often you should see a doctor.

Dental Problems

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth. If you’re discovering mouth sores, inflamed or bleeding gums, or chronic bad breath, you might be dealing with high blood sugar. 

Sugar creates bacteria in your mouth. While some bacteria is fine, too much combines to coat your teeth in plaque which can cause long-term harm. 

Nausea and Confusion

This is a sign of a serious issue and you should see a doctor right away.

If you find yourself experiencing nausea, confusion, vomiting, and more, you might not just be sick. 

This may be your first sure sign of diabetes. They’re symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis. This can lead to a diabetic coma if untreated. 

Do You Have Any Signs of High Blood Sugar?

If you’ve been experiencing any of these signs of high blood sugar you may want to visit your GP for an analysis. It’s better to curb this problem before it turns into true diabetes, and if you have diabetes already you need to seek treatment.

For more posts like this, visit the rest of our site. 

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