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Overcoming Mental Mountains: Embracing Exercise Modifications Proudly

2018 saw an extra 300,000 people in the UK choosing to be more active on a weekly basis based on the findings of Active Lives Adult Survey. More people are taking part in gyms and strenuous activities with the help of their fitness instructors. It is not uncommon for fitness professionals to build modified or simpler exercise plans to fit the needs of their clients who may be struggling with their fitness levels. If you’re one such individual, it is important to note that this is not anything to be ashamed of.

The Need for Exercise Modifications

More than one-third of adults in the UK are not getting enough exercise according to the World Health Organisation. There are a wide variety of reasons like infirmity, age, illness, and weight that people are not able to be as active as they’d like. Fitness professionals make use of exercise modifications to accommodate these reasons. For example, those with difficulty with their leg movement will be assigned simpler strength exercises. People who struggle with weight can expect simple cardio as part of their modified plans to start off their fitness journey. These modifications are necessary to get you started.

Embracing Your Own Modification

If you are just starting out your fitness plans, it is not something to be uncomfortable with or feel anxious about. Especially if your exercise is in a gym. It is important to remember that everyone needed to start somewhere basic. Even the fittest individuals needed to get some help and even have experienced their own exercise modification plans to get them started. Mastering the basics of fitness and getting used to the motions is needed in order to grow. Think of these modifications as laying down the bricks of a stronger foundation for more advanced exercise plans in the future.

Overcoming the Anxiety

It is one thing to know that modified exercises are not something to fear and an entirely different thing to face with it. 75% of women in the UK report that they want to be more active. But gym anxiety and fear of judgement by others stop them in their tracks according to Sport England. Anxiety can be difficult to wrestle with but it is completely possible. Sticking to the modified exercise, taking regular breaks, and finding a good support system can help you overcome your concerns and anxiety.

HIIT treadmill workout, non-traditional cardio

When you are able to overcome your fears and fully embrace your modified exercise plan, you eventually build up your confidence and stamina to take on more advanced exercises. Fitness isn’t just about physical progress, it’s about overcoming mental hurdles as well. Taking a deep breath and slowly acclimatising to your exercise modification can do wonders for you overall.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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