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Maintaining Hormonal Health with Exercise and Nutrition: 4 Things You Need to Know

Every single person on earth has hormones. They are the things in your body that control and influence your mood, energy, growth, and more. In fact, they impact everything that impacts your general well-being, and these chemical receptors are highly important. One major area where they play a role is weight gain and loss, and appetite. Many things impact how well your hormones are balanced, and a lack of exercise or poor diet are two of the biggest factors. 

Which Major Hormones Are Affected by Exercise and Nutrition?

So, which hormones are going to be impacted by a poor diet and low-movement lifestyle? Realistically, the majority, if not all, of your hormones will be affected in some way. However, there are some key players that dictate a lot of what goes on within your physical and mental self. 


If you are eating wrong and not doing the right kind of exercise, testosterone levels can be severely impacted. This hormone exists in the body to support muscle growth, healthy hair, and sexual function. Great Green Wall’s take on free testosterone determines that this is the most beneficial variety to target, and it is all about how you format your diet and what physical activity you do. 


Dopamine, otherwise known as the happiness hormone, can be affected by all sorts of things. If you have a regular workout routine, this is a natural way to boost dopamine circulation. However, if you eat a high amount of saturated fats or drink alcohol and caffeine regularly, your dopamine receptors will exist in a constant state of deficit as these are known to block and prohibit interactions.

Being Overweight Is a Big Factor

The most important fact to take away is that if you neglect your diet and become overweight, then your hormones will become imbalanced fairly quickly. There are lots of food groups such as sugar and carbohydrates that can cause weight gain when eaten regularly. 

One of the biggest reasons behind hormonal imbalance is being overweight. Some people are genetically programmed to carry extra weight, for instance, if you have a family history of thyroid problems. That is why a conversation with your doctor is worth the time as it could offer an explanation as to why you struggle to lose weight at the pace you may wish. 

There is only so far a good diet and exercise can take you if something else is going on with your body as well. 

What Are the Right Sorts of Food?

So, what are the right sorts of food to eat that will help you strike a positive balance and tackle your hormones head on?

Cruciferous Vegetables

These types of vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, and cabbage are particularly well suited for managing estrogen levels. Estrogen is present in both men and women and is an important part of both reproductive systems. When it is imbalanced, it can cause acne, hair loss, infertility, and a general loss of libido. 


Protein has an important part to play when it comes to striking hormonal balance. The main reason to note is that protein provides essential amino acids which are the foundation of hormonal production. 

What’s the Best Type of Exercise?

Being overweight and neglecting a physical routine can put things out of sync, so here are two types that will help the most. 

Strength Training

Strength training has a unique way of balancing hormones in the body. It is useful for both men and women, and there are so many ways to build it you’re your fitness routine. 


Cardio is also helpful when it comes to figuring out your hormones because it produces dopamine, sweat, and raises heart rates. 

Exercise and nutrition are closely intertwined when it comes to balancing hormones. Everything can be impacted if you don’t take care of the basics. 

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