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Learn Why More and More People Are Riding Bicycles Today

You have probably noticed that more people now are choosing to cycle rather than drive or take an Uber. One of the main reasons more people have chosen the bicycle as their favorite mode of transportation is COVID-19. As a matter of fact, bicycle sales have skyrocketed through the roof during the pandemic. 

The reason behind cycling popularity during these critical times is that people feel safe on their bikes, unlike public transportation where there is no room for social distancing. Additionally, with gyms closing down during lockdown many people have turned to cycling as a healthy and effective method of exercise. That said, the pandemic isn’t the only reason though. There are various reasons why more and more people are riding bicycles today.

  1. Better for the Environment

Many people now opt for eco-friendly options whether in their homes, with the way they dress, or with what they ride. Global warming is a fact that we can’t escape, and whether we like to admit it or not, it is our fault. For this reason, the people who care about the environment and want to leave a better planet for future generations choose to ride bicycles instead of driving. Vehicles and various methods of transportation are one of the main resources responsible for the rise in carbon footprint. Since bicycles don’t cause any carbon emissions, they are the better and safer option for the environment.

  1. Children Love Bicycles

Children and teenagers prefer going to school on their bikes than in a car or a school bus. This is probably because it gives them a sense of independence and freedom that many kids at this age crave. However, some parents don’t allow their children to ride bicycles as a mode of transportation. No one can blame them though as some bicycle accident statistics can be very concerning. The good news is the government has been working hard and spending billions of dollars on creating safer routes, so children can cycle safely to school and give parents peace of mind. As a result of these changes, children now more than ever happily and safely ride their bicycles.

  1. Cycling is a Great Exercise

Exercising is good for your physical and mental health. However, since many people lead busy lives with work and taking care of their families, they don’t always have time to go to the gym. Cycling can be a great workout as it has many health benefits and it is also a fun exercise. This is why people who can’t fit time in their schedule to go to the gym, choose to ride their bicycles to work, school, or university to exercise while commuting. 

  1. Saves Money

With the inflation and the cost of gas that keeps rising, cars have become more of a burden. Maintaining and fueling your car is now very costly and not many people can afford it. Additionally, many workers have been laid off during the pandemic which has taken a toll on their finances. Buying and maintaining a bicycle is a lot cheaper than a car. Additionally, riding a bicycle to work or college every day will cost you much less than using public transportation or a shared ride service. More people now are looking for ways to save money and commuting by bicycle has given them this opportunity. Besides saving money, bicycles are also more convenient since you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space or paying for valet. 

  1. The Use of Technology

Some people were reluctant to try cycling because they felt it was slower or can be too much work, especially if they are cycling up a hill or going a long distance. However, thanks to technology, e-bikes have changed the way people cycle. These bikes are powered by a battery and a motor which make pedaling almost effortless and also faster. Now even the ones who were hesitant about riding bicycles have changed their minds, thanks to e-bikes.

  1. Cycling Is Fun

One of the reasons behind cycling’s growing popularity is simply because it is fun. There are many things that we miss from our childhood that can be hard to do now that we are adults. Luckily there is no age limit to cycling, so we can get the same fun, freeing, and adventurous feeling that we did when we were kids and riding our bicycles.

Cycling is good for you and for the environment. COVID-19 has reminded people of this interesting hobby and mode of transportation since it has become the safest option for them as it doesn’t require social distancing. It is just you cycling in the wind. Our world is changing as a result of the pandemic and global warming which prompted people to start making drastic changes to stay safe which is why more and more of them are riding bicycles today.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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