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Five Things To Know About Bali Yoga Teacher Training

Bali, Indonesia, appeals to many individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment. Called the “Land of the Gods” by many people, this island invokes feelings of calm with its lush greeneries and relaxing culture. These characteristics, among many others, draw yoga enthusiasts in this region to learn more about the craft.

If you’re planning to travel to Bali to become a certified yogi, here are five things you should know first. 

Practice Yoga in Different Places

Bali is home to different yoga centers where you can learn and teach this calming exercise routine. The island shares its blessings received from Mother Nature to budding and veteran yoga practitioners. 

Choose from different Bali locations to practice yoga, including:

  • Ubud

Various yoga enthusiasts and teachers find Ubud to be heaven for practicing this calming workout. Here, you’ll find different yoga centers focused on Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, among others. Many studios are surrounded by the town’s tranquil beauty to help you find your inner peace. 

  • Seminyak

Seminyak caters to yoga enthusiasts looking for chic and luxurious tastes. This area offers different premium restaurants, spas, and deluxe boutiques. If you want to target the high-end market of Bali, Seminyak might be your primary destination to teach yoga. 

  • Kuta

Kuta is a convenient retreat for people who want to get away from the bustling city streets of Bali. This not-so-isolated escape provides serenity to the island’s commercial industry. Kuta might be your choice to learn and teach yoga if you don’t want to be too far from the island’s bars, beaches, and shops. 

Take time to learn more about yoga instructor training in Bali. Don’t be hasty when choosing the right location for your yoga teacher training. The area and center you select might be a crucial choice that spearheads your life as a professional yoga instructor. 

You can also check out this video to help you learn more about learning yoga in Bali….

Learn from International Masters

Experience the art of yoga in full-spectrum when you learn the craft in Bali, Indonesia as this island is home to many yogis from across the world. The diverse culture helps lessen language barriers, so communication might not be too much of a problem. 

Many yoga centers post their trainers on their websites. Proper research is still a crucial element in finding the best yoga training school for you. An excellent place to start is the Blooming Lotus Yoga center. Here, you’ll find instructors guided by Bali’s distinct beauty to help you find and share your inner spirituality. 

Start with the Basics

You might be a frequent yoga practitioner at your local gym. But if you plan on teaching the art in Bali, training may start from the basics. 

Your lessons begin by learning the fundamentals of Asana, which is the physical practice of yoga. From there, your training leads to the other limbs of yoga, which are:

  • Pranayama or breathing exercises
  • Yamas or codes of social conduct
  • Pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses
  • Dhyana or meditation
  • Niyamas or self-observance
  • Dharana or concentration, and
  • Samadhi or bliss

Your instructors will be with you on your journey. These experts will work with you from letting you learn about the essentials of yoga to its advanced spiritual techniques. 

Training In and Out of Centers

Bali’s peaceful environment helps you practice the art of yoga in and out of training centers. This island is rich with not-so-hidden escapes where you can meditate and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Train in forest retreats or practice your meditation while listening to the calm waves of Bali’s beaches at sunset. Your instructors will help you stay grounded in your practice as they share their passion for this art.

Come Into Terms with Oneself

Learning and practicing yoga in Bali helps you find love and compassion with everything around you, including yourself. Your path to spiritual enlightenment might start within oneself, and your yogi will help you each step of the way. You might even consider benefits like weight loss and improved endurance to be bonuses to finding inner peace from the lessons learned. 

You might come from a different region before you arrive in Bali to learn more about yoga. But after participating in an excellent yoga training center in this island, and getting your certificate to teach the exercise, you may consider Bali, Indonesia, to be your new home. 

Let these five things help you in your decision-making if you’re still on the fence about traveling to this Indonesian island to become a full-fledged yoga instructor. 

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