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Difficulty Staying Motivated to Get or Keep Fit? Here are 5 Tips to Become Unstoppable

If you’ve been trying to stay motivated to keep fit but sometimes backslide, then you know how that goes! Whether it’s the inevitable upcoming Christmas overeating and regretful gym signup at the start of 2021 that you see in your future, or it’s the on/off nature of your exercising that’s upsetting you, isn’t it time to address it?

Here are five tips to keep you going when you’re lacking in motivation to exercise, embrace fitness, and keep the weight off. 

1.     Create Meaningful Rewards Based on Your Success

Think about what you would most like to reward yourself with and use this for added motivation. 

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a food-based reward either. Though if you’re calorie restricting to get your weight off, then it might well be.

Buying something that you want but are holding back on can give a good motivational push. It requires self-discipline to do that, and it’s worthwhile exercising that mental muscle group too. Figure out what will make the difference for you and make that your reward. 

Also, if you fear that you won’t keep it off once hitting your target weight level, then set a six-month or one-year reward for keeping within the ideal weight range. 

2.     Use Your Struggles as Instructive for Others

Many people struggle with taking their fitness routine seriously enough. Maybe you have 10 or so pounds that you cannot seem to shift because your exercising is too inconsistent?

These struggles can be instructive to other people who face the same dilemma. Many will sign up with a personal trainer to get help them to stick with it and achieve the results they desire. Certainly, they’ll find someone who’s had the same issues comforting for them too. They won’t feel so alone in their struggle and it will build a deeper connection too.

To translate this to exercise and fitness, you may wish to take one of the personal trainer courses available. For example, TRAINFITNESS has this selection of courses featuring their most advanced one that includes a life coach component too. Undergoing a course like this will provide you with a clear understanding of nutrition, weight management, what exercise routines work best, and other tips of the trade. 

3.     Use a Future Personal Training Course as Motivation

If you are interested in becoming someone who leads others to health success through fitness or life coaching too, then taking personal training courses is a good idea.

But perhaps you don’t feel like you’ve conquered your fitness demons yet. Or, you just don’t want to show up for a personal training course before you’ve got fully back in shape again?

Either way, bank on achieving fitness success first and then apply for the training course. Make this your driving force and the main reason for getting out there for exercise 5 or 6 days a week (take at least one rest day off each week). 

Also, if you work with a personal trainer in a gym, then it’ll be a great way to combine that desire with seeing someone else in the role too. A win-win!

4.     Buddy Up!

Working with a buddy is especially important to keep on-track. 

If you’ve ever struggled exercising alone and to keep to a schedule, then it helps to work-out with someone else too. 

It keeps you accountable and avoids your skipping a session. They won’t tolerate your excuses even if you would on your own. Plus, you can work together to help raise each other’s game and push to higher levels of fitness by challenging each other. This avoids exercise becoming dull and getting stuck in a rut with few if any, fitness improvements to come. 

Tap a friend or colleague who has similar fitness goals to you. See if they’re willing to make it a group activity. 

5.     Make a List of Your Reasons

We all have reasons why we wish to lose weight and/or get fitter. They aren’t all the same and some of them are surprising too. 

If you fear the health consequences of not getting fit like possible future diabetes or a heart attack, then list these down. If there are other health concerns, then add those too. 

Also, if you want to fit into a smaller or specific dress size, then put this down. Shopping for clothes and not being able to find something in your size (or nothing with an appealing design) is embarrassing to many people. If that’s you, state it because this can push you to go that extra mile (literally) towards your health goals. Then they end up being fashion goals too.

Use whatever means necessary to give you continuing motivation to succeed with fitness. Look at your list of reasons why to push you towards higher achievements. 

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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