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6 Reasons Why Rowing Workouts Are The Best Cardio Equipment

Rowing machines are a great way to get in shape quickly. 

They have been used to get fit for decades and there are a number of reasons why this is so. 

These cardio equipment, alongside elliptical machines, have the ability to target nearly every muscle in the human body simultaneously due to their repetitive motion and natural resistance created by water. 

Meaning, you will tone and strengthen your arms, legs, core, back, chest and more within a few minutes of using one of these machines. 

The rowing machine has several health benefits and comes at different sizes and prices. Some models are even under 500$.

In today’s article, we highlight some ways that exercise rowers can help you get in shape faster than anything else.

Low Impact Workout

Rowing machines provide a low-impact workout that is easy on your joints and knees especially if you are someone with knee issues.  

These machines are absolutely great for patients who need a little more special care to get out of bed every morning.  

This is why most hospitals, nursing homes and private facilities have rowing machines in their workout spaces.

Exercising on a rowing machine also helps to avoid injury due to over-training and burning out at too high of a training pace. This is why you should always train with your heart rate at or below 90% max intensity until your next fitness check up.

If you are only going to work out on a rower for an hour or so per week, then it is okay to do this before each workout or period to begin working out with an intense workout routine instead of sitting and waiting for an hour or two on the same exercise routine again and again.

Increases Your Caloric Expenditures

As we mentioned above, the exercise rower works out every muscle in your body, including your cardiovascular system. 

This means that every stroke you complete on a rowing machine is an additional calorie expenditure. 

This is especially beneficial if you have been sticking to a sedentary lifestyle or have been eating unhealthy food. 

As we all know, the body needs calories as a form of energy to stay healthy and strong, but it gets them from the food we eat. 

However, if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle or eating unhealthy foods, you will have burnt fewer calories than you would if you were to lead a more active lifestyle.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Rowing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It requires strong breathing, lower-back extension and core stabilization while producing low levels of stress on the body. Which makes it a perfect cardiovascular exercise. 

A healthy cardiovascular system can help you stay active and live longer. 

It can even help you avoid certain health conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Also ,by improving your cardiovascular health, you will reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular related death. 

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality in the United States.

Increasing Muscle Strength And Endurance

Rowing is a very effective way to build muscle strength and endurance

Rowing is a full-body exercise that works all your major muscle groups, primarily your back, legs, shoulders, biceps, and forearms

This means that you will be able to improve your strength, increase your endurance and avoid injury by rowing. 

In addition, an increased strength will also lead to an increased metabolism, which will help you burn more calories even while sitting on your butt. 

Strength training is important to build up your muscles, which is especially important for people who want to lose weight. 

By building up your muscles, you will be able to perform more intense exercises (done with heavier weights and longer duration) which will help you build strength and endurance. 

The rowing machine makes the most popular cardio equipment for people who want to get in shape quickly and easily.

Helps Strengthening Your Bones

People often overlook the importance of strength training when it comes to building strong bones. 

Rowing exercises are one of the best exercises you can perform to increase your bone density. 

These exercise equipment increases your body’s stores of hydroxyapatite, which is a protein that has the ability to strengthen your bones. 

Rowing, therefore, leads to the strengthening of your bones.

Increased Cardiac Output Similar To Running 

Another benefit of rowers is that they are similar to running in terms of cardiac output.  

It has been proven that rowing machines burn about as much calories as jogging when done at roughly the same intensity level all day long, which means that you will lose weight faster with this form of exercise than jogging alone will do.


Rowing machines are a great way to get in shape quickly. They have been used to get fit for decades and there are a number of reasons why this is so. 

This cardio equipment has multiple benefits that make it an excellent piece of cardio equipment for home users or commercial facilities as well.  

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