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The ABC Programme Trial – £1 for 7 Days…

The ABC Programme Trial – £1 For The First Week

The ABC Programme Trial

The ABC Programme is my online training programme – it’s a chance for people who can’t work with me in person to use my training programmes to help them get in the best shape possible.

It’s called the ABC Programme for one reason – it’s All Bases Covered.

I’m offering everyone a £1 for 7 days trial period. Enjoy the first week of programming for £1.

In the ABC Programme the workouts are structured in such a way that you’ll do strength training, power training, cardio training, muscle building exercise etc.

This isn’t a programme for the kind of people who go to the gym to waste time on the phone.

This is for people serious about making significant improvements in their health and fitness.

If you want to develop the kind of fitness that has a dramatic impact on your health, physical performance AND your physique, then the ABC Programme is perfect for you.

The methods used in the ABC Programme aren’t ‘normal’. They’re derived from 14 years experience as a personal trainer. They’re exercises and programmes that have been developed over years of trial and error. They’ve been tested again and again.

This isn’t the kind of programme you see in Men’s Health magazine. It isn’t the kind of programme you’ll see most of the people in your gym do.

It’s a programme mixing all kinds of training disciplines to form a truly effective training programme.

Mixing elements of Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, HIIT, Traditional Cardio, Powerlifting etc, it’s a truly all-round programme that takes a lot of the best principles of each discipline and forms a unique but incredibly effective plan.

Here’s a few examples of the kind of exercises we do on the ABC Programme. Even if some of these look intimidating at first, in time you’ll learn how to do them and be really, really capable of them…

As you can see, this isn’t your typical ‘bicep curls and bench press’ type of training programme. It’s unique, effective and suitable for anyone with a basic gym background.

You don’t have to be an expert in the gym – you just need to know the basics – how to squat, deadlift, lunge and swing a kettlebell.

If you have some olympic weight lifting experience it’s an advantage, but not a necessity.

Long story short, you’ll cover all of the fitness bases and become a true all-rounder in the process.

A ‘Typical’ ABC Programme Workout

Each workout will have an overall ‘theme’ – that theme may be power, strength, cardio etc.

There’s a warm up – this is always relevant to the exercise focus in the session.

We move on to the main element of the session, where we’ll typically perform 4-6 exercises of a very high quality. These take various forms, depending on the workout but they’re usually all compound exercises or complexes.

Throughout the workout the rest periods are manipulated – this is to make the workout both more effective and rigid in terms of time taken.

There’s no 30 minute cross-trainer sessions, no boring 45 minute treadmill sessions, just short, sharp and effective exercise. If I can’t justify the inclusion of an exercise or explain why it’s there, I remove it.

I like my programming to be lean and effective. No fluff, no filler. If it doesn’t work, it’s not in there.

In fact, the average ABC Programme workout is less than 40 minutes long!

The ABC Programme Support

A lot of people worry about online training and the support that they’ll receive. With that in mind, I provide comprehensive notes and videos on every workout in the ABC Programme.

Not only are the workouts written out and uploaded onto an app, they also contain videos of each exercise too. There’s not a single exercise that you won’t have a supporting video alongside.

ABC Programme Notes, The ABC Programme Trial

Finally, the ABC Programme app also has a messenger feature, so you can message me your questions any time you have them!

How’s that for service?!

The ABC Programme is DIFFERENT!

I want to show you what real exercise is like. How you can make serious improvements in your health, fitness, performance and physique in a fraction of the time you think it takes.

  • 5 sessions per week? Not needed.
  • 90 minute workouts? Not here.
  • Boring sessions? Not on this plan!

You provide the work ethic, I’ll provide the programming.

The ABC Programme Results

I’ve laboured the point about the ABC Programme, but don’t take my word for it – see the kind of results that this type of programme achieves….

The ABC Programme Trial

The ABC Programme Trial

The ABC Programme Trial

These are REAL LIFE people just like you. If they can do it, you certainly can too!

The ABC Programme trial lasts for 7 days. It costs £1 to jump on the trial period. After that, the membership reverts to the usual price of £49.99 per month.

If you are interested in getting in great shape by using innovative training methods, click the link here. This is the sign up page where you can test the ABC Programme for yourself….

The ABC Programme Page

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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